Teacher Who Quit Over School’s “Politicized Agenda” Credits “Grace of God” With Giving Her the Courage


Could you walk away from a job you loved for the sake of following your God?

This is the kind of decision the Bible warns us we must make very carefully, although it provides us with only one option for what to do in such a situation or any other time that we may be torn between worldly values and those of God.

Always. Choose. Christ.

It is not a decision many of us face with boldness. Yet God also tells us that when we follow Him, He will give us the courage we need and He will provide all our needs according to His riches and glory.

The time has come to pick up your crosses, Christians, as many of us are learning this year.

One such follower of Jesus is Laura Morris, a former elementary school teacher who publicly quit her job before the school board in a moment that quickly went viral last week.

“School board, I quit! I quit your politics. I quit your trainings and I quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents — the children. I will find employment elsewhere. I encourage all parents and staff in this country to flood the private schools,” she told the school board at the time.

“This summer I have struggled with the idea of returning to school, knowing that I’ll be working yet again with a school division that, despite its shiny tech and flashy salary, promotes political ideologies that do not square with who I am as a believer in Christ,” Morris explained.

She recounted being told in “so-called equity trainings that white, Christian, able-bodied females currently have the power in our schools and, quote, ‘This has to change.'”

“Clearly, you have made your point,” she declared. “You no longer value me or many other teachers you have employed in this county. So since my contract outlines the power that you have over my employment in Loudoun County Public Schools, I thought it necessary to resign in front of you.”

Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson after her public resignation captured headlines, Morris said that leaving her job at Lucketts Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia was a “very hard decision to come to.”

“It’s been a life-changing experience and I’m just honored and I’m humbled by it all,” she told Carlson.

When the Fox host described her as “brave,” Morris denied that this was a fair description…because it was God who worked in her to make the stand that she did.

“This was all done by the grace of God — the protection I’ve had, the provision I’ve had since doing what I did, just the courage to get up and do it,” she humbly said.

“It’s from my walk with the Lord,” the former educator explained. “And, as far as the impact on the students, I’ve received so many texts, so many emails from families of students that I’ve taught in the past, and they’re just so happy for me that I made the decision that I did, because they know it was what was right for me and they’re so with me. There’s so much support.”

She recounted one email she’d received in which she had been told, “It’s been said that one candle can illuminate a thousand others without diminishing its own illumination.”

“I was so moved by those words, because I never would have thought of myself in that position, but I don’t feel at all diminished by what’s happened,” she told Carlson.

“In fact, I feel the amazing blessings of God just pouring out on me from what has happened. And I’m so excited that what I did and said might spark others, might illuminate in others the desire to put some action to their words.

As division rages across our country and the light of Christ seems to be more increasingly capable of being snuffed out, remember that as His light shines from one single person it has more power than all the tactics of the enemy to obscure it.

“There’s a lot of words going around right now in counties — people are upset on both sides, there’s a lot of opinions flying around,” she explained. “And I’m just noticing more and more that that doesn’t seem to be changing things. But when people do something bold, when people put action to their words, actions speak louder than words, and that seems to be captivating people.”

Folks, this is exactly the message that we have been sharing for years at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries as to the power each and every one of us has to inspire and embolden our fellow Christians in this spiritual battle of our time.

We were born for such a time as this — and if you follow Christ, you already have all the tools, weapons, and illuminating skills you need to glorify His name.

All it takes is to humbly follow Him — and let your faith do the rest.

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