Teachers Lose Jobs After Students Find OnlyFans Account Featuring P*rn Filmed on School Grounds


Two teachers, husband and wife, have been ousted from their positions in the Lake Havasu Unified School District in Lake Havasu, Arizona after students discovered they had filmed explicit content for an OnlyFans account on school grounds.

Havasu News reports that Samantha Peer resigned from Thunderbolt Middle School after being placed on administrative leave when the public caught wind of the OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is a video sharing website that allows creators to share exclusive content to a paying audience. It has become a major platform through which homemade porn is conveyed, making some performers incredibly wealthy.

The website is fraught with concerns as we have highlighted in the past, such as the ease with which underage users can evade measures meant to keep the platform 18+ with some girls in the UK reporting being blackmailed into continuing to produce content by their online customer base even when they want to stop.

In a video statement posted last week, the middle school teacher explained that she and husband Dillon Peer — who was also featured on the OnlyFans account — were having trouble making ends meet when they turned to the platform to bolster their income.

Dillon Peer, a fourth-grade teacher Nautilus Elementary at the time, has since been let go.

Perhaps even more sickening than the fact that it appears some of the couple’s explicit footage was filmed on school grounds is the fact that students were the first to discover the homemade porn.

“It’s not clear how, but students at the middle school were able to find Peer’s account and started circulating images from it amongst themselves,” Havasu News reports.

District officials sent out an email to parents on November 7 alerting them that students had been exchanging the explicit content and parent Alea Bilski told the outlet that Peer had her explicit content, which she posts under an alias, linked to her public online accounts.

“If it was ‘just’ an Only Fans account I wouldn’t be as upset because then that would 100% be on the kids’ parents, but this was public and an easy Google search to find everything,” Bilski said.

What’s more, Bilski says that she had to find out about the whole affair from her daughter and that school officials only issued their email to parents after she posted on Facebook to ask if any other parents had heard about the accusations against Peer.

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