Teachers Unions Celebrate Projected Biden Victory: “Bye Betsy!”


Several prominent figures from the nation’s politically powerful teachers’ unions took to Twitter over the weekend to celebrate the Associated Press’ projection that former Vice President Joe Biden had won the 2020 presidential election.

They pointed much of their glee at the fact that a Biden presidency would mean the exit of Betsy DeVos, a champion for school choice, as the Secretary of Education.

Teachers’ unions, of course, represent educators with public schools and emphatically oppose school choice as initiatives like school vouchers or resources made available to charter schools pose threats to federal and local funding for state-run institutions.

Although they’re happy to teach your children that their nation is systemically racist, Democrats rely on the emphatic support of the teachers’ unions and so vehemently oppose the kinds of policies that could give millions of black and minority children the opportunities not available to them in the large-scale, institutional school system.

Teachers’ unions, in exchange for promises for more funding for the failing public school systems that, for decades, have failed to produce more results with said resources, are overwhelmingly pro-Democrat and thus elated at the projected Biden-Harris victory.

“We know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will stand with us as we work to reclaim public education as a common good, as the foundation of this democracy,” National Education Association (NEA) President Becky Pringle said in a video message, Breitbart reported.

“Step one will be to replace Betsy DeVos with an education secretary who will understand and value and protect public education and respect the voices and professional expertise of educators. NEA’s vision for public education is to transform it into a racially and socially just and equitable system that’s actually designed to prepare every student, everyone, to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world,” Pringle continued.

“Bye Betsy,” tweeted Beth Kontos of the American Federation of Teachers’ (AFT) Massachusetts’ affiliate.

“Public education is not at your mercy any longer,” she declared.

Some of the other gleeful celebrations from Democrat educators:

If you’re already resigned to a grim future of the Democrat-educational complex’s making, don’t despair quite yet.

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