Teen Victim Of “Jessica Yaniv” Releases Text And Voice Messages, Files Child Exploitation Report


Warning: This article contains language that may be shocking and offensive to some readers.

As we’ve previously reported, the actions of infamously litigious LGBT activist Jonathan Yaniv (a biological male who calls himself “Jessica”) left any sane person knowing in their gut that this man is a predatory ticking time bomb.

If the reports of Jessica Rumpel are to be believed, we were right.

According to Rumpel, who is now 20 years old, Yaniv allegedly began sending her grossly inappropriate messages when she was just 14 years old and Yaniv was 27.

In an exclusive report from The Post Millennial, Rumpel provided screenshots of the sickening messages and video containing voice messages allegedly sent by Yaniv.

The content of the messages is the single most damning indictment of Yaniv’s predatory actions to date. And that’s saying something. 

In one message, Yaniv whines that Rumpel had not yet reached the age of legal consent, so he could not “do anything with [her].” In other messages, Yaniv asks to see Rumpel’s used menstrual pad (which fits his modus operandi to a T). Disgusting!!

Yaniv also sent Rumpel a voice message singing in a voice reminiscent of Sesame Street’s Elmo about her breasts going “up and down,” among other vomit-inducing things:

Yaniv also said to Rumpel that he was feeling “horny” just before asking her, “Why are u always so beautiful LOL.” This pervert even sent her a video of a sex toy, something he frequently reviews on his website.

The Post Millennial reports:

Rumpel states that Yaniv sent her a series of disturbing questions while anonymous, before adding her to the private messenger application Kik. Kik is known to law enforcement for its notoriously poor protection of children, and its routine usage by pedophiles to message each other and their victims. 

According to Rumpel, Yaniv allegedly presented himself as a young male in his ‘late twenties,’ and claims that he used pictures of himself when he was younger in their initial conversation.

“He liked to make himself be the victim. He actually told me he had folliculitis and depression,” said Rumple. “I always wanted to be there for anyone who was suffering. Anyone who needed someone to listen to them.”

Thankfully, as of this Tuesday, Rumple has taken the first step in bringing Yaniv to justice:

“I cannot express my feelings … My thoughts are with the other young girls [Yaniv] has done this to,” Rumpel also told The Post Millennial.

Naturally, Yaniv has denied knowing or having any contact with Rumpel.

The Post Millennial reached out to Yaniv for his side of the story, to which Yaniv replied of Rumple, “I have no idea who that is.” 

He also claimed the messages Rumpel had received may have been from an online impostor, declaring that “There has been a lot of fake accounts of me out there, and a lot of people trying to put disparaging content out there. So I have no idea who this person is at all.”

That would be a plausible excuse, except for the fact that The Post Millennial was able to verify that the messages Rumpel received did indeed come from Yaniv’s verified “trustednerd” Facebook account.

This man—and make no mistake, he is a man—is a predator. 

He may be trying to paint himself as a darling of the transgender movement. In reality, even some transgender people have even called out Yaniv for the wolf he is.

This is the same man who fetishizes young, menstruating girls, tries to arrange a topless pool party with children and adults and expressly prohibits parents from attending, who tries to use the force of law to make estheticians wax his genitals actually harms a woman or child.

As we last reported, the “All Bodies Swim” event Yaniv organized for his local youth center was postponed after a massive public backlash. According to this Facebook post from the Langley Youth Hub, these sick people are still hoping to reschedule the event:

Due to community response, we feel that we can no longer offer a safe and comfortable environment for the youth that…

Posted by Langley Youth Hub on Friday, July 5, 2019

What will it take for Jonathan Yaniv to be stopped? Call the Langley Youth Resource Centre at 1-604-546-1130 to politely let them know that children as young as twelve should not be invited to swim topless alongside adults as old as 24, especially not if a predator like Jonathan Yaniv has anything to do with it!


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