Teen Vogue Celebrates Nine-Year-Old Drag Queen


Attempts by radical progressives to normalize transgenderism and homosexuality are continuing to target children with more and more intensity, whether that’s done through indoctrination in public school settings or in popular culture like movies, television, and magazines.

One such example is how publications like Teen Vogue continue to lift up and celebrate young drag queens, with one piece showcasing nine-year-old “Lactatia,” a young boy who has swept the Internet in recent months.

Lactatia — real name Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden — attends “drag balls” and reportedly teaches his friends at school how to “vogue” during recess.

Here’s more from the Teen Vogue piece:

Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden may only be nine years old, but he’s as impressive and magical as his name suggests: After school, if he’s not crushing it in Grand Theft Auto V, PlayStation controller in hand, he’s getting dolled up and dancing to his favorite dubstep violinist (that would be Lindsey Stirling). It all depends on his mood.

When he was seven, this pint-size boy — who had a habit of wearing his sister’s tutus and princess costumes when he was two — officially transformed into a queen called Lactatia. Now he’s a miniature fixture on the Montreal drag scene. “I was always a drag queen, but I never knew it until my sister showed me RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Nemis explains. Drag, the subversive art of deconstructing gender through over-the-top aesthetics and performances, has become Nemis’s main source of empowerment and pride. “I have half the confidence he does, and I’m 37!” laughs Jessica Mélançon, Nemis’s mom and makeup artist, who helps curate Lactatia’s lewks.

Prior to Lactatia’s first drag ball — where he took home a trophy — Nemis enrolled in voguing classes to refine what he calls his “weird dance moves.” Voguing, a stylized form of movement that evolved from the LGBTQ ballroom scene, is an exercise in control that Nemis teaches his friends at recess (“If it doesn’t look controlled, you’re chopped!”). Her skills have earned Lactatia a slot at a major vogue house, the New York–based House of Mizrahi, through which she will hone her craft with other queens and participate in future competitions — yet another indication of how Lactatia has been embraced by the community. As for his future plans, Nemis is dreaming up Lactatia’s look for a Lady Gaga concert he’s set to attend. “My favorite song is ‘Born This Way.’ It has an amazing message that I try to apply to myself,” he says. “People are born differently. But we’re all people, and we all have the same rights.” Indeed — all hail Queen Lactatia.

Here’s a look at Lactatia:

What’s truly disturbing is that this child’s parents are not only supportive of Golden’s crossdressing — something God strictly forbids in Scripture — but they go out of their way to facilitate it and seem to revel in it.

It seems they do not realize the spiritual and psychological harm they are doing to this child and the long term ramifications this behavior may have on his relationships with other kids his own age.

There’s little doubt others who attend school with him know that he dresses like a girl, so this probably raises questions for other kids and their families, causing confusion and concern in their homes.

Teen Vogue is a publication that has a lot of influence over young people and the digital content is put together by extremely proud and outspoken gay man, Phillip Pacardi — digital editor — who clearly has an agenda to push and isn’t ashamed to use a small child to do so.

This is the same man responsible for that horrid article encouraging teens about anal sex.

This child is far too young to understand the ramifications for indulging in this sort of behavior, the long term effects of which could cause depression, loneliness, and a whole host of problems.

Here’s the man responsible for approving stories like this one. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and these tend to say it all:

This man isn’t shy at all about expressing how he really feels about being a homosexual, and as part of the LGBT crowd, he clearly understands the importance of using his platform to try normalizing this behavior and indoctrinating future generations with the homosexual agenda.

It’s growing increasingly more important for parents to be aware of what their children are reading, who they are being influenced by and to take action when necessary to keep kids safe from harmful people printing spiritual poison.