Teen Vogue Claims Teaching Children About Gay Icons “Save Lives.” How About We Just Teach Children to Value Life?


It’s probably not news to you that Teen Vogue of anal-sex-guide-for-teenagers fame is a cesspool of SJW programming designed for the most impressionable young audiences.

In what stands as a pretty good representation for the reasoning behind stuffing public school curriculums full of ideologically-driven LGBT “education”, an op-ed penned by the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education Richard Carranza argues that children need to learn about famous LGBT figures so that they won’t feel alienated for being gay.

Despite the subtitle that claims doing so is “potentially life-saving,” Carranza doesn’t ever actually explain why doing so literally saves lives, before a first paragraph that reiterates this claim:

Educators change lives — and save lives — every day. I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. I mean that literally. In the classrooms, in the hallways, and even after hours, the bonds that educators form with students and families can be lifesaving for some of our most vulnerable young people.

I agree with you Carranza. I suppose you’re in favor of arming teachers, then, so they can indeed literally save lives?

He goes on to explain that, when his twin brother came out to him when they were 26-years-old, he was horrified that his brother had felt for so long that he wouldn’t be accepted by his brother or the rest of their family.

Thus, Carranza argues, we should teach children about famous gay people in school.

his decision to wait until his mid-twenties to tell me wasn’t about me at all. It wasn’t about the rest of our family, who embraced him with open arms, either. It was, as he tells me, because of the loneliness he felt not knowing anyone else who identified as gay. He hadn’t read Audre Lorde’s work in English class, or learned about Stonewall during history. We are failing our young people if we don’t give them safe spaces to discover their identity and feel comfortable sharing the truest version of themselves.

Again, he never mentions how his brother, who obviously survived high school and is presumably still alive, had his life literally threatened by not learning about gay people in school.

Many on the left argue that teaching LGBT acceptance will prevent bullying of LGBT teens or prevent them from considering self-harm, or worse, suicide.

What they fail to connect is that before LGBT education was taught in schools, before the Bible and prayer and any mention of basic American or Judeo-Christian values were scrubbed from the school books, suicide rates, bullying rates, and school shooting rates were much, much lower.

That’s because children were taught that human life was sacred and how to behave like decent, civilized people. In fact, that was the point of education.

You don’t need to teach children to accept people in order to teach them to be kind to them and to value the worth and dignity of human life. And catering entire curriculum to make someone “feel” better will never work, because there will always be students who will in turn be alienated.

Can you imagine being a devout Christian high schooler in this day and age? The left certainly isn’t arguing we should put Bibles back in school to make these students feel better.

No, they’re not interested in avoiding bullying or making all students feel accepted. They’re interested in perpetuating their intersectional caste system which ultimately devalues the lives of some and caters to the emotional needs of others.

And that is what poses the real threat.