Teen Vogue Columnist: “America’s Values Are White Supremacy and Capitalism”


There was a time when Teen Vogue was just another vehicle for back-to-school wardrobe tips and advice columns for lovesick tweens, but that time has long since passed.

As Elizabeth Johnston has been documenting for years, the now-web-only magazine has become a vehicle for sexualizing and exploiting minors as well as peddling radical, far-left anti-Americanism that, in the wake of a projected presidential win for Democrat Joe Biden, has one columnist blasting our nation’s entire history as racist and oppressive.

Kandist Mallett, rejecting Biden’s call for “unity” after running on the most progressive presidential platform in our nation’s history, scoffed at such a concept in her piece, “There’s No Such Thing As a United America.”

In a classic presentation of critical theory, Mallett argues that the U.S. is founded not in unity, but in “divisiveness,” and that “through the genocide of Indigenous peoples,” our nation grew only “through the enslavement of Africans.”

“At its core, America’s values are white supremacy and capitalism,” she declares. “That is true no matter who has been in office.”

Amazing that Mallett is being paid to write such radical criticism of our nation without fear of persecution or arrest and no doubt lives a very comfortable, bourgeoise existence living in one of the most prosperous and free periods of human history that people of her ilk are itching to end in the name of “social justice.”

She hilariously rips progressive Biden’s call for a “united America” as “nationalist propaganda,” as if there’s anything nationalist about the “president-elect.”

“Americans have never been united, and have been kept apart and pitted against one another by the state,” she argues, while pitting herself against millions upon millions of conservatives and moderate leftists who certainly don’t feel included in her raging anti-Americanism.

“From geographic segregation to immigration bans and racist policing, the U.S. has privileged the lives and security of some residents at the expense of others,” she continues.

Biden, you see, is simply the “lesser of two evils” to this hipster deconstructionist.

“Why should people who have been systematically oppressed — and who have struggled against the government for true freedom — be asked to hold hands with their oppressors?” she declares. “Why are we still acting like we can get along with these people — or would we even want to?”

Remember this woman the next time someone tells you progressives don’t want to tear our whole system down—because honestly, what else would satisfy her?

She’s one of the radicals willing to say the quiet part out loud.

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