Disgusting Teen Vogue Tells Young Girls The Solution To All Their Stress Is Masturbation

Teen Vogue is telling stressed out young girls that the answer to all their problems is masturbation.


Yup, Teen Vogue is at it again.

This time they have released a “guide” that tells little girls how to know if they’re “horny” or not. Teen Vogue goes so far as telling girls about the physical signs of arousal, in all of their inappropriate detail.

This isn’t an exaggeration folks.

Teen Vogue is not only telling kids that they should masturbate but they tell them that abstinence might actually be causing them stress.

Teen Vogue claims that “sexual frustration” or being “horny” may actually be the cause of a child’s anxiety; instead of school or pressures to be promiscuous from society and filthy magazines like Teen Vogue.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering the source. Teen Vogue is the same disgusting outlet that published an article teaching children about being an “ecosexual.”

They’re also the same outlet that told children to add sex toys, condoms, and lube to their back to school list.

Teen Vogue isn’t alone in their desire to bring perverted content to youngsters. Even the Huffington Post supported Teen Vogue’s article that teaches children about anal sex.

This is just the latest reason to join OPERATION PULL TEEN VOGUE.

From the article:

School and finals have you feeling down? There might be more to your stress levels than just pure, everyday to-dos. If you’re experiencing an increase in anxiety, it might be because you’re actually horny.

The piece goes on to tell kids to reduce their anxiety and stress by masturbating or achieving an orgasm in some other way:

They don’t call it sexual frustration for nothing. To get over this restlessness and actually get some sleep, you have to release the frustration…Yes, I’m talking about masturbation.

They say the only way to fix it is with an orgasm and they use junk science to make it sound healthy:

Studies have shown that sexual frustration increases stress levels and makes us feel pretty terrible. Orgasms — that is, the release of all that pent up desire inside of you — produce the hormone oxytocin, a natural pain reliever and stress reducer.

With all those new emotions churning inside you, your body is looking for a release. Again: masturbation.

Then, to top it all off, Teen Vogue tells kids to explore their sexual identity:

One of the steps of this journey is figuring out your sexual identity. You are starting to develop sexual and romantic feelings because you’re becoming an adult with a need for relationships outside of your family.

People on Facebook don’t think it’s appropriate for Teen Vogue to be publishing something like this…

Garbage like this is the exact reason we need to #PullTeenVogue!

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