Teen Vogue Writer to Deceased Billy Graham: “Have Fun In Hell, B****”


Why is it that atheists are so convinced they’re not going to hell, but that people who call them out for their sin are? 

Proving once again that Teen Vogue is a cesspool of depravity and vulgarity, a Teen Vogue contributor Lauren Duca took to Twitter on Wednesday to actually grave dance at the news of respected evangelist Billy Graham’s passing.

Taking a complete lack of any shred of decency to a whole new level, Lauren Duca wished the man whose ministry spanned most likely decades beyond her lifespan “have fun in hell, b****.”

Duca was clearly ignorant to the egg on her face, however, as she had exactly one day before criticized conservative Dinesh D’Souza for making light of the Parkland shooting by joking on Twitter about the students speaking out for gun control. D’Souza later apologized for his comments, while Duca clearly decided to stand completely by hers, adding that respecting the dead “only applies to people who weren’t evil pieces of sh*t while they were living, thanks.”

No word on what Billy Graham ever did to Lauren Duca.

This is certainly an interesting tribute to a man of God who passionately delivered the Gospel to millions over the span of his lifetime.

Jesus does tell us that we will be hated for His name’s sake, and clearly, it’s nothing that Graham did or said of his own accord that offended Duca, it was his relentless commitment to preaching the Word of God.

Oddly enough, however, as Duca wishes Graham will “have fun in hell,” where does she get the idea of hell in the first place apart from the Bible? Or evil for that matter? Or, to put the shoe on the other foot, what would she say to Christians who rejoiced at the passing of a homosexual or renowned feminist?

This is hypocrisy, and furthermore, wickedness, at their finest.

But what would you expect from a Teen Vogue writer?