Teen With Aspberger’s Found Guilty Of Hate Crime For Asking If Trans Cop Was Male Or Female


A Welsh teen was convicted of hate speech and ordered to pay damages to a transgender police officer after asking if the individual was “a boy or a girl.”

According to The Daily Mail, Declan Armstrong, 19, was put under a 12-week nighttime curfew and ordered to pay £590 ($770 USD) in damages, including £200 ($261 USD) in compensation to transgender PCSO “Connor” Freel, a 25-year-old woman who believes she is a man.

Back in October, “Mr.” Freel had been in full uniform on foot patrol in Mold, North Wales when Armstrong shouted, “Is it a boy or is it a girl?”

Well, folks, this is “Connor” Freel:

I’d say it’s a fair question, wouldn’t you?

It is worth noting that Mr. Armstrong has Aspberger’s syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum which can drastically impair an individual’s ability to socialize with others.

According to The Neurotypical, Aspberger’s diagnosis can include “social impairments” such as:

  • the lack of social and emotional reciprocity;
  • difficulties in understanding social situations and other people’s thoughts and feelings;
  • tendency to think of issues as being black and white, rather than considering multiple perspectives in a flexible way;
  • frequent tendency to say things without considering the emotional impact on the listener;
  • a lack of spontaneous interest in sharing experiences with others.

It might not be too far afield to say that Mr. Armstrong was convicted and punished for his disability. Looks like transgenderism trumps disability in the leftist caste system!

Freel reportedly said that the October incident left her “feeling upset and embarrassed.”

“To have something shouted at him that had such personal connotations whilst he was on his own in the middle of a public place that was rather busy due to market day footfall did leave him vulnerable, distressed, and embarrassed,” said prosecutor Rhian Jackson, adding that the incident had left Freel “reluctant to undertake foot patrols on his own.”

Oh my word. If this girl wanted to be a cop in America, she’d have to grow a thicker skin than that!

Our police put up with much, much more than just a little verbal abuse! I think a question from a man with Aspberger’s regarding their gender would be a welcome reprieve from the living hell our first responders deal with on the job!

Armstrong was convicted under the Public Order Act 1986, which criminalizes “abusive or insulting words with intent to cause harassment.”

Gary Harvey, Armstrong’s defense attorney, stated that “He doesn’t hold any prejudice against anyone in society,” emphasizing that Armstrong had been diagnosed with Asperger’s and suffered from anxiety and depression.

District Judge Roger Lowe disregarded these details, however, stating that the fact that Freel was performing a public service as a PCSO and the incident was in a busy town center where other people could hear what was said were “aggravating features” of the case.

Because of its “transphobic nature,” Armstrong’s sentence was raised from a low level to a medium level community order.

This is beyond shameful.

Transgender people in the UK apparently have carte blanche when it comes to the law.

Several commentators have already pointed out the fact that Armstrong has been ordered to pay a massive fine for mere words, meanwhile “Tara Wolf,” a transgender “woman” punched an elderly woman in the face and was slapped with a mere £150 fine and that judge had the nerve to demand that Wolf’s victim use his preferred female pronouns during court proceedings.

This is transgender domination, people. This is what I’ve been warning you about.

We cannot allow this to continue!

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