Teenage Girl Goes Viral After Sharing Video Of Excitedly Getting An Abortion On TikTok


A recent video of what appears to be a teenage girl giddily heading off to Planned Parenthood for an abortion has gone massively viral, prompting disgust and outrage in virtually everyone with the misfortune of coming across it.

The video was recorded and uploaded by “Marie,” a Tiktok user who has since either deleted her account or made the video private, and the subject appears to be her unnamed friend.

In the video, Marie shows off her friend’s positive pregnancy test after, apparently, the “Plan B” abortion pill failed to work. The girl is shown wiping tears away at first, quite possibly because the magical pill to dispose of the consequences of procreation didn’t replace her growing baby with pixie dust. Marie asks her friend how she feels, but any response is edited out.

The video then cuts to the girl exposing her belly, then it cuts again to the girls driving to a local Planned Parenthood and laughing in the car.

Next, the girls proceed to mock a couple in the waiting room who appears rather sad and distraught, by saying “There’s two abortion moods” and juxtaposing them with Marie’s friend, who is excitedly pumping her fists at the thought of having her unborn child’s life ended.

The video concludes with a chilling view of the exam room in which Marie is on a table, her feet in stirrups and her lower half covered with a drape. A clinic worker performs an ultrasound, which Marie has no qualms about showing to her TikTok followers. The video ends, and although we are spared any more disgusting imagery of these teens celebrating the occasion, we know exactly what transpired after the recording stopped.


As Mindy Robinson pointed out, “THIS is what happens when you indoctrinate an entire generation into thinking the life of an unborn child holds the same decision value as ordering food through a drive thru window.”

It shouldn’t even be a matter of the decision being taken too lightly—the problem is that the decision was allowed to be made at all!

This is what happens when you have a society that not only teaches its children that the unborn are nothing but parasitic clumps of tissue, but allows and even encourages them to create those “clumps of tissue” with premarital sex and simply abort as needed.

Our entire society is an assembly-line for the abortion industry. We impose “sex-positive” dogma on the youngest children in school, offer them a “shame-free” environment to explore and express their sexuality as teens, and fight tooth and nail to ensure that the law gives them the “right” to murder any children they produce.

One thing I do know is that sooner or later, the reality of this girl’s decision will come crashing down on her.

As much as society will coddle her and reassure her that this was her right, that she’s done nothing wrong—or that she’s even done a good thing by doing her part to “decrease the surplus population”—we know that many post-abortive women eventually realize the truth. They realize that they aren’t the victims, their children were.

If you are involved in sidewalk ministry at your local abortion mill, remember this girl. Remember that some of these women are pressured, coerced, and distraught about their decision, but some are excitedly, knowingly eager to have their children killed.

I only pray that if and when her guilt catches up with her, she turns in sincere repentance to the loving arms of our Savior.

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