Teenage TikTok Influencer Tells His Millions of Followers Why He Is Unabashedly Pro-Life


One of the most successful Spanish TikTok influencers recently told his 26 million followers that when it comes to abortion, he is unapologetically pro-life.

In May, 19-year-old Naim Darrechi posted a video responding to a question he had received about his thoughts on abortion.

Darrechi, who is also a musician, is hardly a social commentator; his content is pretty much what you’d expect from a teenage TikTok star according to the Catholic news website Aleteia. He is likely having sex before marriage and the site noted he uses vulgar language. However, when it comes to abortion, he believes it is indisputably wrong.

But when addressing this controversial issue, Darrechi was both pointed and articulate on the moral questions surrounding the termination of unborn life in the womb in his video and a few subsequent videos he posted to respond to the feedback he’d received.

“An abortion is interrupting a life,” the young man explained. “When a woman is pregnant, if she doesn’t take anything, if she doesn’t abort, the natural cycle is going to make a life emerge.”

He explained that some pro-aborts argue that “the fetus does not suffer,” but that “It’s not the question of whether it suffers or not. The question is that a life is being taken away. A life that society has disregarded.”

“I’m sure [they’ll make] some negative comments for thinking what I think, but no one is going to tell me that an abortion isn’t taking a life,” he noted.

“I can enter your house, turn on the gas and take your life without you suffering. I’m going to get 30 years for murder, and when someone has an abortion, which is the same thing, not only is it free but we pay for it out of our taxes,” he also explained.

One of his videos also addressed how he would feel if his girlfriend were to become pregnant.

“I would be a dad without hesitation. You give me a child and I’ll fall in love with it,” he declared in the video titled “I want to be a dad.”

“Giving life to someone,” he said, “and on top of that having the responsibility of raising them, and being able to teach them and guide them, is the most beautiful and precious thing in the world.”

He noted that when someone finds themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy that “you screwed up,” but “don’t kill the baby, OK?”

The TikTok star even went as far as to defend the lives of unborn children conceived in rape, whose value is often demoted even by those who claim to oppose aborting children conceived in consensual sexual encounters.

“This is a delicate subject,” he said. “Imagine you’re a woman and you got pregnant in a non-consensual relationship. Obviously, what’s the first thing that you’re going to say? I’m not going to have this offspring inside me from that bad person.”

“Let’s stop for a moment and think, please, before you throw stones at me,” he continued. “What guilt does the person you’re carrying in this case have? Do you really think [the baby’s] going to be a bad person?”

He went on to argue that the pregnant victim should perhaps receive a “large state compensation for the damages and for the psychological help she’s going to need,” rather than “putting another trauma on her and not helping her is not the solution.”

According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Darrechi, who hails from Mallorca, Spain, can charge as much as $25,000 for a single sponsored post. Between his original video addressing abortion and the four follow-up videos, he received 7 million views. He has huge followings across other social networks as well.

His reach is impressive for any social media influencer, and it’s admirable that he used this massive platform to defend a view that, just like in the United States, in decreasingly common in the Catholic-majority European nation.

Life is life, period.

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