Teenager Leads His Entire Tribe to Salvation in One of the World’s Worst Countries for Christians

Martinmssp, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pakistan is one of the world’s most antagonizing nations for Christians, and yet the witness of a single teenager reportedly turned an entire tribe to Christ in an incredible story of the power of the Gospel to save.

According to Mission Network News, a teenager referred to by the pseudonym Rehan was working at a restaurant when he met a Christian truck driver and missionary who shared the Gospel with him and gave him an audio Bible.

“Rehan said, ‘How is your attitude towards a waiter so gentle? Have you joined some other sect than Islam?’ Safdar gave him an audio Bible,” Nehemia, of Forgotten Ministries International, told the outlet. “Rehan took it home and began listening. Then Safdar suggested Rehan take off from his work and spend time together to answer his queries and questions at the FMI Discipleship center.”

The 17-year-old began to listen to the Bible and kept up a rapport with the truck driver and was eventually baptized as a Christian.

The story of salvation doesn’t end there, however.

The bold, young, newly-baptized Christian began to witness to members of his family, and then his whole tribe, in spite of the immense risk faced by Pakistanis who convert from Islam to Christianity.

Nehemia brought along fellow missionary workers with him to speak with the members of the tribe about Jesus.

“One evening, he gathered all the tribe’s members under one big tent. First, Rehan showed a movie about Jesus,” he explained.

“Then an FMI partner shared a 15-minute devotion about new hope in Christ. That day, a 17-year-old-boy led his whole tribe to the Lord Jesus Christ. They quit their regular practice of offering Muslim prayers.”

The roughly 60 tribe members all accepted Christ as a result of this one young man’s bold witness.

Nehemia urges Christians to pray for the tribe, as well as missionary workers among similar populations in Pakistan, which is ranked by Open Doors USA as the eighth most dangerous country in the world to follow Christ.

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