Terrified Woman Locked Up With Trans Man in Psyche Ward, Treated Like ‘Transphobic Bigot’


There’s a lot to discuss when the issue of transgenderism pops up, such as the whole access to public restrooms deal, but one of the latest concerns has much to do with the safety of women in prison and in other female only institutions who may eventually be forced to share cells and rooms with biological males.

Obviously this is a bad idea, particularly if the individual who “identifies” as male also happens to be locked up for sexual crimes against women, which believe it or not, is an actual thing being debated right now.

To illustrate how awful such a situation can be, let’s take a look at the story of a mother who was locked inside of a women’s psychiatric ward with an “extremely male-bodied” transgender patient.

The Times has more:

Philippa Molloy, 42, said this weekend that she was “genuinely, absolutely terrified” because she had suffered a relapse in her bipolar disorder that made her irrationally convinced that men were conspiring to kill her.

When she raised her concerns with hospital staff, however, she said she was not taken seriously and her medical notes implied that she was a “transphobic bigot”.

She said the NHS had failed to think through the implications of allowing patients to self-identify their gender.

“The rights of that trans person to feel safe were put above the rights of me to feel safe as a natal woman,” Molloy said.

Molloy, who is married and has two children, was admitted to a women’s secure psychiatric ward on the night of February 15, 2016 in Burnley, 45 miles from her home in Lancaster.

“Part of my psychosis was that I was convinced I was being followed by men’s rights activists. It sounds ridiculous, but that was it. They wanted to kill me, they were going to come after me. And my husband was involved in everything. Because of that I was taken and placed in a female-only unit,” she said.

She describes herself as a feminist who had previously campaigned against the closure of a women-only ward.

In all honesty, this is probably the most consistent feminist position expounded by a female on this whole topic, as she clearly understands that a transgender man is not a woman, no matter how much he may pretend otherwise.

Molloy said that despite the man claiming to identify as a woman, he was physically large with very broad shoulders and was around six feet tall. This individual constantly wandered the room in their dressing gown.

The facility where Molloy was locked up didn’t have private rooms and was a locked ward that used only curtains to partition off patients.

There were several other women on the ward that were at potential risk by this man’s presence, one being a previous victim of violence at the hands of a man.

What’s really ridiculous about Molloy’s story is how she was treated by hospital staff for her concerns about being locked up with a man significantly larger than her.

Several days after the male patient showed up, Molloy was transferred to a different facility where she stayed until April. A nurse handling her case spoke with her saying she was “really surprised to read your [her] opinion about trans people.”

That was the nice way of accusing her of being a bigot, which is the typical go-to label slapped on anyone who might have a different opinion on transgenderism than the one held by the majority of leftist culture.

How sad is it that our modern day world has to debate and discuss a topic like whether a boy can be a girl, when this is something that quite clearly has been settled since the beginning of creation?

What’s worse is how the left will do anything to pander to this particular group of people, including put women and children at risk by allowing men with gender dysphoria to enter women’s restroom.

That is a stance that is clearly anti-women and is a belief that is clearly at odds with feminist ideology, yet the left doesn’t seem to mind this contradiction.