TERRIFYING: Mom Discovered Hidden Instructions in Kids’ YouTube Video That Will Make You Sick

EY6PYK A Child watching Youtube videos on a laptop computer

In our day-to-day lives, it can be easy to forget that we are in the middle of a great spiritual battle.

Sometimes, the evil in the world seems to stem from simply fallen man, but never forget there are deep, dark spiritual forces at work that bring depravity into this world that we never could have even imagined.

One of the darkest aspects of modern life is that there are people out there who go out of their way to hide sexual or violent imagery in children’s videos, with no other imaginable motive than to haunt the minds of the most innocent of internet users.

Many of the crimes we see happen in daily life seem to have some sort of end goal, getting out of an unwanted pregnancy by murdering a baby, raping a woman for personal gratification, stealing from others to increase one’s wealth.

All are stemmed in evil for sure, but those who embed disgusting, disturbing images and videos in children’s content have nothing to gain than the twisted satisfaction that they could be driving young children to sexual acts, violence, self-harm…or worse.

Sometimes it seems there is no end to the evil in this world.

WBNS Columbus reports (warning: this story contains disturbing content): 

Video promoting self-harm tips — spliced between clips of a popular video game — has surfaced at least twice on YouTube and YouTube Kids since July, according to a pediatrician and mom who discovered the video.

The suicide instructions are sandwiched between clips from the popular Nintendo game Splatoon and delivered by a man speaking in front of what appears to be a green screen — an apparent effort to have him blend in with the rest of the animated video.

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“Remember kids, sideways for attention, longways for results,” the man says, miming cutting motions on his forearm. “End it.”

The man featured is YouTuber Filthy Frank, who has over 6.2 million subscribers and calls himself “the embodiment of everything a person should not be,” although there is no evidence that Frank, whose real name is George Miller, was involved in creating the doctored video. He did not immediately respond to CBS News’ request for comment.

When Free Hess found the video on YouTube last week, she posted it on her blog — warning other parents to take control over what their kids may be watching.

“Looking at the comments, it had been up for a while, and people had even reported it eight months prior,” Hess told CBS News on Friday.

Shortly after she published her blog post, YouTube took the video down, saying it violated the site’s community guidelines, according to Hess.

Hess said she spotted another version of the same video on YouTube Kids in July last year. She said she and many other parents from Facebook groups came together to report it, and the video was eventually taken down after one parent directly contacted an employee at Google. Google has not responded to CBS News’ inquiry about the steps that led to the video’s removal.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that entirely G-rated YouTube videos from conservatives are often banned for things like refuting socialism, defending the family unit, or criticizing Islam.

Why isn’t anyone being held criminally accountable for these videos while conservatives can’t even express their views?


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