Terry Crews Calls For Top Adult Site To Be “Defunded”


As calls for police departments nationwide to be defunded or dismantled show no signs of dying down, actor Terry Crews wants to redirect that effort to “defunding” an entity proven to have destroyed countless lives: Pornhub.

In a Tuesday tweet, Crews posted his simple message, tagging Fight the New Drug, an organization dedicated to fighting pornography addiction.

Not surprisingly, Crews’ tweet received a cascade of mixed comments. Many supported his message, while others argued that shuttering the world’s most visited pornography site would do harm to “sex workers.”


“Dude, no,” one respondent said. “Masturbation is healthy, self love is healthy. Pornhub gives safe platforms to sex workers — to say nothing of the artists who got kicked off Tumblr — and generates revenue for them. Are there issues with the industry? Absolutely. Is going after Pornhub the answer? No.”

In a statement to Faithwire, however, Laila Mickelwait, activist and director of abolition for Exodus Cry, said that this misguided sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth.

Speaking for the organization dedicated to breaking “the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation and help those who have been sold for sex,” Mickelwait argued that the MindGeek-owned site turns obscene profits on sex trafficking and the sexual assault of women and children.

Mickelwait said she has heard from several actors and producers in the porn industry pulling content from Pornhub because the outlet is “profiting from the rape and trafficking of women and children,” adding that it is certainly not a “safe” platform.

As we reported earlier this year, sexual assault victims often have a difficult time seeking to have the videos of their assault removed from the platform. One victim, Rose Kalemba, says she “pleaded” with Pornhub for months to remove the videos of her being raped as a minor from the site. It wasn’t until she impersonated a lawyer in an email that the videos were finally taken down.

Faithwire also clarifies that pornographers weren’t “kicked off” of Tumblr merely over explicit content. Instead, the news outlet argues, “the microblogging site had become a cesspool of child pornography.”

Even veteran porn star Jenna Jameson echoed the call to dismantle Pornhub. In an interview earlier this month, Jameson warned that the site is “profiting off rape and torture.”

According to The Washington Examiner, which called for the site to be “shut down” back in February, Pornhub is so massive, it can’t possibly review or responsibly moderate all of the 6 million videos uploaded each year to check for abusive content. It can’t even begin to regulate its 42 billion visits per year, and without so much as a pop-up to confirm a viewer’s age on the landing page, it doesn’t even try.

That’s how the site wound up hosting 58 videos of a 15-year-old being raped last year. That’s how over a dozen women wound up victims of “revenge porn” videos that, until recently, Pornhub refused to take down.

We stand with Terry Crews. It is long past time to hold benefactors of rape and assault responsible. It is long past time to shut down Pornhub.

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