Texan Good Samaritans Repair Pipes, Give Away Cash and Groceries Amid Winter Storm


Amid a catastrophic winter storm that left millions of Texans without heat, water, and electricity, a few folks have gone above and beyond to love and serve their neighbors in need.

One young man, Raymond Garcia, found himself without power at home. Rather than think of himself, however, Garcia took the opportunity to visit as many of his neighbors as possible to fix their broken pipes, shut off their water, and help in any other way he can.

According to ABC13, Garcia lost his mom to COVID-19 just before the storm, and it was the kindness she taught him that inspired him to help his community.

“My mom always taught me if you help and give to people, God will always bless you,” Garcia told the news outlet. “And you know what, I’ve been blessed.”

According to Jason Spencer of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, another unidentified “Good Samaritan” handed out cash to customers at a local grocery store when a sudden power outage forced the store to accept cash only.

According to Fox 29, a Leander H-E-B grocery store allowed shoppers to leave with free groceries after a similar incident when the power went out in the packed store.

*** The Heart of America ***.Today, Deb and I went to our local grocery store called: H.E.B..We wanted to pick up a…

Posted by TR Henny on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tim Hennessy told the outlet that he and his wife were at the store buying some much-needed supplies when the power suddenly went out.

“Sure enough, about 10-15 minutes later one of the H-E-B employees asked us to head to the check-out area and said: ‘we’ll check everyone out as quickly as we can as we have a process for these kinds of things,’” Hennessy said in a Facebook post that went viral.

When he and his wife approached the cash register, however, an associate waved them on.

“At first, Deb and I were a bit confused and I asked: ‘How or who do we pay for our groceries?’ We probably had a couple of hundred dollars worth of groceries. She said: ‘Just go ahead and be safe driving home.’ Then we noticed the lines of people after the checkout stands proceeding with full carts of groceries all being directed out the store with many employees there to greet us on our way out.”

“This is the America that I know,” declared Hennessy. “Despite all the negative we hear/see being reported daily in the news. America and most Americans are still kind, thoughtful, generous, and caring.”

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