Texas AG Says Austin School Districts Breaking the Law With “Pride Week” Lessons on Sexuality

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says that an Austin school district breaking state law with “Pride Week” activities that provide sexuality education to young children.

In a letter sent to the Austin Independent School District, Paxton said that the district has run afoul of state law requires parents provide written consent for lessons on “human sexuality,” as The Daily Signal reported.

“By hosting ‘Pride Week,’ your district has, at best, undertaken a weeklong instructional effort in human sexuality without parental consent,” the letter read. “Or, worse, your district is cynically pushing a weeklong indoctrination of your students that not only fails to obtain parental consent, but subtly cuts parents out of the loop. Either way, you are breaking state law.”

“With just one full day of ‘Pride Week’ on the books, we received reports of ‘community circles’—group discussions on sensitive topics that students are encouraged to keep confidential, presumably from parents,” he wrote. “The Texas Legislature has made it clear that when it comes to sex education, parents—not school districts—are in charge.”

According to Paxton, students were encouraged to keep “sensitive topics … confidential, presumably from parents” that were discussed during the week-long “Pride” activities.

Children as young as preschool were reportedly told “What we say in this room stays in this room” according to documents posted to Twitter.

Paxton urged the district to take “immediate action to rectify this situation.”

In response, the school district characterized Paxton’s letter as a political attack and said that it wanted all “LGBTQIA+ students to know that we are proud of them and that we will protect them” against such attacks.

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