Texas Boy Medically Kidnapped by CPS Over Parent’s Disagreement with Doctor


Child Protective Services is a massively corrupt agency. This power-hungry organization has a troubling track record of removing children where no abuse or neglect exists, and now they are taking children on shaky grounds of alleged medical negligence in a practice that has been rightfully labeled “medical kidnapping”. These cases are often complete shams that end with young children who desperately need the stability of family life being thrown into a cold system in which they are used as pawns of manipulation.

An East Texas family is feeling the devastation of the medical kidnapping of their 4-year-old son, Drake Pardo. Not only did CPS admit in court that they failed to meet all of the necessary requirements to remove Drake, Daniel and Ashley Pardo are still separated from their son and have been for two heartbreaking months now.

Their nightmare began on April 22 when the Pardos filed a complaint against Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. According to LifeSite News, Drake’s doctor refused to visit him while he was admitted to the hospital for “multiple days.” The physician, who had been seeing Drake for years, disagreed with the Pardos choice to get a second opinion on the type of feeding tube that would be best for Drake. The hospital was supposed to review the complaint within 45 days and get in touch with the Pardos, but that never happened. On day 46, CPS came for Drake.

LifeSite News reports:

“This is not just about this family,” said Jim Lambert, President of the Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC). “CPS is broken. It is systemic and there needs to be real change in this system. That is the message we have for the governor and other legislators.” 

Lambert told LifeSiteNews that despite court precedent, Texas judges feel as though they are responsible for making decisions for children if their parents disagree with non-parents in court. The THSC is helping the Pardos, who homeschool their three kids. The group has worked to defend the rights of homeschool families – and now parental rights – in Texas since 1986. Lambert spoke in detail with LifeSiteNews about Drake Pardo’s case and efforts to reunite the family.

Over 100 years of court precedent have established that parents should be responsible for making decisions for their children unless otherwise proven unfit to do so, but this is not recognized in the state of Texas. THSC has worked to pass laws protecting parental rights, but has been met with some resistance from family lawyers who have questioned whether presuming parents are fit to make decisions for their kids unless proven otherwise is valid or safe.

What an egregious attack on parental rights!

There was no abuse, no neglect, not even medical negligence as is evidenced by testimony from Dr. Suzanne Dakil, a doctor in the child abuse unit at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. 

“Dr. Dakil did not state Drake was in an emergency situation, and she stated under oath that she was surprised CPS removed Drake from his family,” LifeSite added, yet took him they did, all because of what appears to be a disagreement with a doctor over their son’s medical care. 

Parents in the United States are afforded the right to parent as they see fit. We have the right to make medical decisions for our children, even if those decisions may not align with what our doctor thinks or recommends. 

However, there are two forces at work here creating a dangerous landscape for our parental rights: an inept, corrupt, power-hungry government agency, and the left’s push to raise children as community property rather than part of loving family units. 

If you choose not to vaccinate, or decline a prescription for your child, or simply want to be involved in medical decisions for your child, you could be at risk of having your child suddenly taken away from you. 

CPS doesn’t even have to assert that parents are unfit before taking children and the courts, apparently, don’t have to prove parents are unfit before ruling their children should remain under CPS care. That should terrify any parent.

Pray for this family and their son’s timely and prompt return home.


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