Texas Gender Clinic Criticized for Giving Puberty Blockers to Children Closes Down


A gender clinic in Texas which received attention for giving controversial puberty blockers to children has dissolved.

The GENder Education and Care, Interdisciplinary Support program (GENECIS), which was founded in 2015 and purported to be the first of its kind, was jointly operated by the Children’s Medical Center Dallas and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

According to a clinic official, “Pediatric endocrinology, psychiatry and adolescent and young adult care coordinated through this program are now managed and coordinated through each specialty department,” as quoted in The Texas Tribune.

The newspaper notes that while just two months ago, officials from Children’s Medical Center Dallas told a local website that their services were vital, the center had been the subject of protests from activists concerned that the treatment it offers amounts to child abuse.

Officials from the hospitals declined to comment on what prompted the center to be dissolved. They did explain that services will still be made accessible in a more “private” way in a joint statement.

“The choice to remove branding for this care offers a more private, insulated experience for patients and their families,” it read.

“We accept new patients for diagnosis, including evaluation of gender dysphoria, but will not initiate patients on hormone or puberty suppression therapy for only this diagnosis,” the statement said.

Critics of the center and the treatment it offered, particularly puberty blockers, welcomed the news.

“First, puberty is not some random event that happens in normal human development in young children that can be blocked without consequence,” said Jennifer Lahl, founder of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, according to The Christian Post.

“Second, there is plenty that the medical profession can offer children with gender dysphoria, or Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria that deals with the heart of the problem without permanently damaging their bodies. Let’s hope many more clinics in the U.S. are shuttered,” she added.

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