Texas GOP Makes First Moves Toward Banning Critical Race Theory From Schools


A bill has been introduced in the Texas state legislature that would ban the teaching of so-called critical race theory in the state’s K-12 public school system, as well as enforce a slew of other protections of schoolchildren from undue outside influences.

The bill, HB 4093, was shared in full in a tweet by journalist Christopher F. Rufo earlier this week.

“This is a major step forward. Texas is a flagship conservative state and model for legislatures across the country,” Rufo said. “If we pass this bill, we will protect millions of families from critical race theory and inspire other states to take action.”


Without expressly naming critical race theory, the bill nonetheless decimates every aspect of the controversial ideology.

The legislation, which can be read in full here, would prohibit teaching that any race or sex is “inherently superior” and that any “individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

The bill would also ban teachers from leading students to believe that “an individual’s moral character is necessarily determined by his or her race or sex; an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex; any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex; or meritocracy or traits such as a hard work ethic are racist or sexist, or were created by a members of a particular race to oppress members of another race.”

The bill would prohibit schools from requiring teachers to “discuss current events or
widely debated and currently controversial issues of public policy or social affairs,” requiring teachers who choose to discuss such issues with their students to, “to the best of their ability, strive to explore such issues from diverse and contending perspectives without giving deference to any one perspective.”

The bill would effectively curb any influence of groups like Black Lives Matter in public schools by prohibiting “learning in association with any organization engaged in lobbying for legislation at the local, state or federal level, or in social or public policy advocacy,” as well as banning any private funding, choice of curricular materials, or teacher training “pertaining to courses on
Texas, United States, and world history, government, civics, social
studies, or similar subject areas.”

Teachers will also be barred from requiring students to participate in “political activism, lobbying, or efforts to persuade members of the legislative or executive branch to take specific actions by direct communication at the local, state or federal level, or any practicum or like activity involving social or public policy advocacy.”

If signed into law, the bill would also protect teachers from being forced to “engage in training, orientation, or therapy that presents any form of race or sex stereotyping or blame on the basis of race or sex.”

Our children need to be protected from this dangerous ideology. You would think not allowing children to feel guilt for their race or gender would be a pretty basic aspect of education, but the continual infection of CRT in public schools demonstrates otherwise.

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