Shameful: Texas House Speaker Derails Bill Intended To Keep Men Out Of Women’s Bathrooms

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, a Republican (in theory, anyway), abruptly ended a Special Session intended to pass conservative bills such as The Texas Privacy Act (SB3) aimed at keeping biological men out of women’s washrooms and locker rooms.


As LifeSiteNews reports, Straus’ move – which he made despite loud protests from conservative House members demanding a vote on SB3 – means the bill will likely not become law.

This news does not come as a total surprise; as reported previously, Straus – who has a habit of pushing the LGBT agenda, along with the similarly spineless Texas Representative Byron Cook – has made his opposition to the bill known for quite some time now.

Speaking with New Yorker magazine earlier this year, he claimed that legislation like SB3 keeping men out of women’s bathrooms is an “awful idea.”

In reference to the regular session in which he similarly blocked SB3, Straus added, “we came very close this session to passing a sweepingly discriminatory policy. It would have sent a very negative message around the country.”

Really? A negative message?

Yes, without a doubt, liberals around the country would have interpreted the passage of SB3 as a negative message.

But has Straus never heard the saying that what’s right is not always popular?

Where are his values and morals? Y’know, those things he was elected to uphold?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, meanwhile, has slammed Straus’ failure to even allow a vote on SB3.

Speaking with KTRH, Abbott said, “I’m disappointed that all 20 items I put on the agenda did not receive the up-or-down vote that I wanted but more importantly that the constituents of these [House] members deserved.”

“They had plenty of time to consider all of these items, and the voters of the state of Texas deserved to know where their legislators stood on these issues.”

Abbott went on to state that he’ll decide whether or not to call another special session for SB3.

“But in the meantime,” he added, “what we must do is we need to all work to get more support for these priorities and try to eliminate or try to dissolve the difference between the House and the Senate on these issues so we can get at a minimum an up-or-down vote on these issues or to pass it.”

Of Straus, Abbott said, “he told me during the regular session that if [SB3] came up during the special session, he would not allow a vote on it, and there’s no evidence whatsoever that he’s going to change his mind on it, and that’s why elections matter.”

Indeed, elections do matter and it’s well past time to put Godly leaders back at the helm of this country and the states within it.

The Conservative Republicans of Texas (CRTX) has launched an initiative called “Oust Straus!” aimed at replacing Straus with a truly morally conservative leader.

“One elected leader, like Straus, should not be able to block the will of the people and their elected representatives,” the group’s petition reads, going on to invite Republican members of the Texas House to “Oust Straus” in order “to ensure” that legislation like SB3 get their fair day on the House floor.

Please visit CRTX’s website here if you live in Texas and wish to assist in the group’s efforts to “Oust Straus.”

If you happen to live outside of Texas, you can still donate to CRTX here.

Regardless of what you choose to do, please keep the state of Texas in your prayers.

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