Texas Judge Rules In Favor Of Joint Custody For Seven-Year-Old James Younger


There is good news in the ongoing legal battle over the fate of James Younger! We have been following this Texas case involving a 7-year-old boy whose mother insists he is actually a girl while his father has been vehemently fighting to save the child from this unthinkable psychological abuse. James’ parents have been in and out of court fighting for custody and the right to make James’ medical decisions.

Last October, a jury ruled in favor of giving his mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, sole custody which would have given her authority to allow her son to begin dangerous puberty-blocking hormone therapy. The jury’s decision consequently blocked James’ father, Jeffery Younger, from having any say at all in making medical decisions for his son. The jury put James’ fate solely in the hands of his deranged mother who has been hell-bent on turning him into a girl since he was three years old.

Fortunately, this ruling has been overturned this week by Dallas Judge Mary Brown and now Jeffery Younger’s rights to make medical decisions for James have been restored.

The Daily Mail reports:

Now that ruling has been overturned after Dallas Judge Mary Brown ruled on Thursday that both parents should have joint conservatorship over their child which would mean all decisions would have to be agreed upon by both parents. 

Georgulas’s attorney has since promised to challenge the judge’s ruling.

Thursday’s ruling means Georgulas and Younger will have to make joint medical decisions regarding their child, which includes whether James should undergo hormone replacement therapy to transition to a girl.

They will also have to jointly agree on haircuts for the child, as well as dental and psychiatric care.

Younger and Georgulas will also be forced to go to counseling. 

Thank God James’ will be safe for a while longer although unfortunately, it does not appear that Georgulas has any intention to stop fighting for the right to force her son into medically transitioning into a girl.

Hopefully, Texas lawmakers can get legislation passed that would prohibit minors from undergoing medical procedures that aim to change their bodies to reflect the opposite sex. This would put an end to Jeffery Younger’s legal battles to protect his son and finally keep James safe from his mother’s abusive pursuit to alter his growing body, once and for all.

Praise God for His protection of James thus far!

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