Texas Library Association Hosts Drag Performers, Workshops on Social Justice and LGBT Community

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Late last month, school librarians from across Texas gathered for the four-day “Recover, Rebalance, Reconnect” lineup which featured drag queens, a talk from prominent racial justice scholar Ibram X. Kendi, and workshops on social justice and building community around LGBT identities.

Texas Library Association (TLA) hosted drag performers Justin Johnson and Joseph Hoselton, respectively known and dressed as their alter-egos “Alyssa Edwards” and “Jenny Skyy,” as The Christian Post reported.

Johnson was featured as the conference’s “After Hours Keynote” speaker while Hoselton led a “Drag Queen Storytime” for the sake of promoting “literacy and community collaboration through dynamic storytelling and music.”

Drag queen story time events have gained popularity across the country over the last five years, gaining praise from the LGBT community and controversy among conservatives and Christians in equal measure.

This is something we have often covered here at Elizabeth Johnston ministries, particularly in instances when drag performers featured at the events, often geared towards particularly young children, have been exposed as having an unvetted history of sexual crimes against children — or even, in one horrifying case, seen to have exposed themselves to the children.

The TLA’s conference also featured a talk from Kendi, the author of “How to Be Anti-Racist” and one of the most high-profile promulgators of so-called “racial justice” or what has been come to be known as critical race theory and which many have raised concerns about its presence in American public school classrooms.

There was also reportedly a workshop called “Building Community Relationships for LGBTQIA+ Patrons” as well as one on “diversifying” library collections to introduce more material on “identity, culture, diversity, bias, and social justice.”

The Post notes that the TLA is a charitable nonprofit made up of workers at taxpayer-funded libraries in the state.

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