Texas Right to Life Says They’re Praying for Perpetrator of Threatening Letters That Caused Bomb Scare


The pro-life organization Texas Right to Life says that it received a letter at its Austin office which threatened a bombing on the organization and also that they should expect to “receive the bodies of aborted babies.”

It is presumed that the letter was over the group’s support for the state’s controversial Heartbeat Bill, which Texas Right to Life was instrumental in crafting, The Christian Post notes.

“Devaluing life inside the womb inevitably leads to violence outside the womb,” Texas Right to Life President Elizabeth Graham said in a statement. “These recent crimes demonstrate the brokenness, anger, and pain of the pro-abortion movement. We pray for the perpetrator, that he or she may find healing in Christ, and we ask for prayers for our staff.”

In a statement to CP, the group’s director of media and communication described the animosity they are subject to as a “spiritual war.”

“These threats are heartbreaking, not only because they endanger our staff, but also because they reveal the anger and pain that abortion leaves on the hearts of its proponents,” she said.

“Ultimately, this is a spiritual war. Texas Right to Life is taking ground from deep in the Evil One’s territory and proclaiming the sanctity of Life. Now is the time for all Christians to stand up for preborn children and pray for the end of abortion.”

In September, the group received an email threatening to blow up its Bellaire headquarters before a suspicious package was delivered later in the day, prompting a panicked evacuation.

Fortunately, members of Bellaire Police Department were able to check the package, which turned out to not contain an explosive.

We certainly pray for those working to end abortion in such a volatile cultural climate, as well as those who so angrily oppose the preservation of human life.

Pray for hearts and minds to be opened to the goodness and glory of God, who crafts each and every one of us in our mothers’ womb and in His image.

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