The Activist Mommy Is Being Doxxed, Slandered, And Threatened Over Successful Campaigns To Stop Drag Queen Story Hours


When Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, began her mission to stand up to leftist tyranny, the erosion of Christian values, and the attack on young, impressionable children in America, she knew her opponents would lash out with everything they’ve got.

Through years of hate mail, threats, and public slander, Elizabeth has not once caved under the pressure. This diligence and hard work has paid off and helped to spark a movement of mothers and families who have snapped out of their comfort and complacency and joined the fight.

Scripture tells us that we will be counted as fools for Christ when we speak His truth and stand against the “wisdom” of the world and that the world hates us only because it hated Him first. 

Well, folks, we are starting to see the hatred of the world in a whole new way. 

As stated, Elizabeth Johnston is no stranger to keyboard warriors who wish all manner of ill will on her from the comfort of their own homes, but attacks are only recently becoming increasingly hostile.

After a series of successful campaigns against the brazen and dangerous indoctrination of children in the form of “Drag Queen Story Hours,” some serious slander was put forward as fact, including the lie that Elizabeth encouraged objectors of the event to make threats in their phone calls to various libraries hosting such events.

And, of course, because no social justice warrior initiative is complete without a plot to de-platform and silence your enemies, there is even a petition to have The Activist Mommy banned from Facebook. 

To be perfectly clear, any threats of violence allegedly made are not associated with The Activist Mommy. That is, if such threats were even made.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped these from playing the victim in their warped little narrative.

In response to our grassroots efforts to keep such inappropriate and disturbing events out of taxpayer-funded venues like libraries and schools, the LGBT mafia is moving beyond the keyboard and graduate to actual, credible threats and attacks against Elizabeth and those like her.

While we know violence isn’t exactly new to leftist extremists, this horde of LGBT activists, led by drag queen “Selena T. West”, is taking things to a whole new level with their pursuit of private information about the Johnston family:

I am being hunted. This hunt is being led by a “Drag Queen” who is mad because I asked you all to make respectful phone…

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Neither Elizabeth nor her ministry will be silenced for one moment by these threats, rest assured, but in order to continue speaking out and sharing the truth about the sinister side of the LGBT movement, we need your help.

Please consider signing our petition to send a message to the American Library Association that we demand an end to the dangerous indoctrination of our children in libraries.

Furthermore, the terrifying doxxing attempts against the Johnston family leave them in dire need of increased security. It’s one thing for these sick people to threaten Elizabeth, but terrifying threats against her children have been made as well

If you are able, we ask that you donate to the security detail they have been forced to hire, lest any of these people act on their disgusting, hateful words. 

Elizabeth and her family are taking their safety very seriously, and we ask that you please keep them and those working hard to keep them safe in prayer. 

Thank you. 


If you appreciate the work we are doing to fight the leftist assault on our values, please consider a small donation to help us continue. Thank you so much!