The Activist Mommy Mocks Personal Hit Piece from the LGBT Advocate Magazine


I’m no stranger to the pain of slander. You feel violated, like a knife stab from the inside that you can’t see or remove.

But honestly, the lies in The Advocate article don’t hurt, because they’re so unbelievably laughable and disingenuous that I think my husband and I got hernias from laughing so hard while reading it! I wasn’t going to respond, because The Advocate Magazine is not even a legitimate news source. But when I saw that over 40,000 people shared it and were not discerning enough to realize how fallacious the smear piece was, I thought I should respond for the sake of my wonderful audience. (And by the way, a huge thank you to my amazing audience who encourages me and faithfully lifts me up in prayer and recognizes smear and propaganda when they see it.)

Here are the Top Ten Lies printed by the editors of “The Advocate”.

Lie #1. I want birth control to be illegal? (False! At over 40 years old, I’ve got ten kids. Pass the condoms.?)

Lie #2. I want mandatory Christian church attendance for Americans? (Lol. Mandatory Christian counseling for the editor of this rag publication would be nice, but I’ve never said anything about mandatory church attendance.)

Lie #3. My husband believes breastfeeding in public should be punishable by public flogging? (False! My husband is a pediatrician and a vocal advocate for breastfeeding. I, his wife, have publicly and proudly breastfed all ten of our children. This laughable lie was spun from the fact that my husband was working to get public nudity banned in our state, not breastfeeding.)

Lie #4. We believe sexual consent in marriage isn’t necessary and therefore husbands can rape their wives? (False. We are Christians not Muslims!)

Lie #5. We believe husbands may spank their wives? (Again…Wrong religion. That’s Islam.?)

Lie #6. I tell homosexuals they’re worthy of death? (False. I quote what scripture says about homosexuality. Secondly, homosexuals are no more worthy of death than me. We all deserve death and hell because of our sin. Thankfully there is a Savior named Jesus who can save us and make us a new creation in Christ.)

Lie #7. My husband wants to make the violation of immigration laws a capital crime? (Holy Guacamole!! LOL! False.)

Lie #8…My husband advocates for executing people by “biblical methods like crucifixion”? (LOL x’s 10! This is where we entered hernia territory while laughing last night. ? Crucifixion is not a biblical method of execution, you biblically illiterate Advocate editors! Jesus and the apostles were crucified by the God-hating Romans. How does that make crucifixion biblical? ?)

Lie #9…My husband is a member of the Army of God group? (False! When the Army of God website posted something my husband wrote on abortion about 15 years ago, my husband asked them to remove it. They did. End of story. Ever since then, liars have tried to establish some sinister connection that isn’t there. My husband’s sniper rifle collection is only for hunting purposes. I promise! ?)

Lie #10. I am calling for LGBT leaders to be arrested? (False! Please prove where I have once advocated for arresting the leaders of the LGBT movement. They make the best advocates for the natural family when they repent! We want them to get saved and tell their stories, not go to jail.)

Did The Advocate call us for an interview? Did they check their sources? Of course not, because they’re not journalists and they don’t care.

Notice how the article carefully links the accusations to other articles and blogs, hoping to look legitimate. But when you follow the links, they are laughable sources like the kooky Right Wing Watch or blog posts that aren’t even about the same subject matter. You can’t call another false smear piece by Right Wing Watch a “source” and be expected to be taken seriously. Their readers and their board should decide if this insincerity and dishonesty is what they want in an Advocate editor, as opposed to honest and objective news.

My family is being personally targeted through graphic death threats, perverted homosexual phone calls to our house, libelous hit pieces online, memes with my personal phone number and address, multiple Facebook pages dedicated to mocking me and getting my Facebook page deleted, and gay porn sent to my email address. Remember, this is the
tolerance brigade!

I don’t personally threaten homosexuals. I preach the gospel of hope and deliverance, share stories of ex-homosexuals, and encourage Christians to be courageous and speak out against all the sins that separate us from God, including homosexuality.

I am honored to experience a very small amount of persecution for my Lord. I’m not in prison yet or being tortured for my faith yet, but that is where we are headed if Christians don’t quickly find their voice.

The threats, ridicule and personal attacks are a constant reminder to me of the power of the Gospel and God’s love to show someone their depravity. God’s Word is true and the best defense against the derogatory attacks of the devil, who is called the “father of lies.”

I will not be silent, even if it costs me my life. If anything, these threats strengthen my resolve to expose the “tolerance gestapo” that seeks to silence Christians. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” I hope to inspire Christians to come out of their “church closets” and push back against sin and darkness in our culture with the salt and light of the Gospel.

Do not be fooled America. The LGBT gestapo is the most intolerant and hateful “community” in our country. They are a loud minority that is changing the very fabric of our culture. Why are we letting them? When states vote for traditional marriage and religious freedom, why are we letting this loud and ungodly minority shut us down and take our ground?

Link arms with me and let’s change the world together!