Gay Columnist Whines: ‘The Bachelor’ Oppresses Me Because Everyone In It Is Straight

HuffPost contributor and Australian gay man Mat Whitehead has penned a whiny column about how oppressed watching ‘The Bachelor’ makes him feel due to the show’s lack of gay people.


“I love ‘The Bachelor,'” the column opens. “I’m aware it’s garbage, and I love it.”

Here we go…

“I’m also gay, ‘gay as hell,’ if you will,” he continues.

In reference to his beloved “garbage” show, Mat writes, “that pleasure has started to wear down in recent weeks as the show has unfortunately aligned with the fight for marriage equality entering the public forum for the hundredth time in Australia.”

“Here’s the thing,” he continues. “I don’t see ‘The Bachelor’ as an attack on the institution of marriage, but I do see it as one example of how easy love and relationships are for straight Australians.”

Really? Love, easy? It sounds like Mat needs to turn the TV off and step outside a little; maybe that’ll help him realize that building a healthy and strong relationship is not easy.

Mat goes on to lament that while Australian officials are currently debating whether or not to make gay marriage legal, “another Matty, one with better hair than mine, gets to stand in front of a harem of women, flicking through them like a human rolodex.”

Yes, that’s shameful behavior that absolutely trivializes the process of finding and settling down with a suitable partner. But that’s not the issue Mat has taken with the show.

No, to him, “the gamification of straight relationships just reinforces how little the country thinks of my own relationship.”

Mat further declares that he now finds himself “exhausted” while watching ‘The Bachelor’ – but apparently not ‘exhausted’ enough to turn the filth off.

“I used to love ‘The Bachelor’ but now it’s just a reminder that I’m being told I don’t deserve what straight Australians get handed to them by people who have never met me, who have never heard of me, who may never know I exist,” Mat declares in his final whiny paragraph.

“And don’t get me started on ‘Married at First Sight.'”

Okay, lots to unpack here.

First of all, as mentioned previously, does Mat not know he can simply turn the television off?

Secondly, ‘The Bachelor’ is complete filth; the last thing it needs is more sinful behavior to reinforce unnatural love standards.

Thirdly, if Mat cares so much about gay marriage, why is he sitting around in front of the TV moping about ‘muh exclusion?’

As much as one might disagree with gay marriage, he has every right to get out there and protest in support of it.

But no, as with so many social justice warriors, he’d much rather sit in front of a keyboard and whine about how much of a victim he is.