The Best Moments for Our Ministry in 2018


This has been an incredible year here at Activist Mommy, and as the clock gets closer to midnight, we wanted to take a moment to remember some of our best moments and biggest victories.

Remember, folks, these are your victories, too, so let’s celebrate together and pray for an even better and more productive 2019!

Sex Ed Sit Out

As the Activist Mommy, my primary focus is leaving our children and grandchildren a country that once again values morality and protects the innocent. So-called “sex ed” programs in many public schools are robbing children of their innocence and introducing them to completely inappropriate and entirely irresponsible sexual content.

The Sex Ed Sit Out in April was a grassroots movement of parents who are standing up to the progressive, godless programs that are corrupting our youth, and it gained more momentum and attention than we ever could have dreamed, growing into a global movement in four countries!!

The Freedom March in Washington DC

In May, I had the honor of joining the Freedom March in Washington DC, led by ex-homosexuals and transsexuals whose lives have been transformed by Christ, which included two survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting who have since been born again and restored to a fulfilling relationship with God. These inspiring individuals shared their moving testimonies, joined in praise and worship, and warned against the danger of embracing unbiblical sexual lifestyles. It was a privilege to speak at this event and know that the amazing stories of these unashamed followers of Christ were heard around the world!

The brave and inspiring warriors for Christ behind this event are dear friends of mine and it is a blessing to see the work they are doing and the continued power of their testimonies.

California’s Proposed “Conversion Therapy” Ban Dropped

At the Freedom March, I told the crowd about a proposed bill in California that would effectively ban all forms of counseling or resources for anyone seeking faith-based support for homosexual desires or gender dysphoria. This law would have banned the sale of Bibles in certain cases and would have been a flat-out denial of Californian’s First Amendment right to practice their faith. Evan Low, the assemblyman who proposed the bill, even responded directly to the comments I made that day!

Stunningly, however, and the result of the hard work of the California Family Council, Mass Resistance, and the prayers of believers across the country, Low withdrew AB 2943 in September! It was a miracle!

This, folks, is exactly why we do what we do!

Victory at the Supreme Court

In June, we were delighted to see our brother in Christ, Jack Phillips, see the victorious end to a lengthy legal battle over his refusal to bake a cake for a homosexual “wedding.”

Our video about his case garnered 6 million views, and with your help, we were able to spread awareness about his case across the internet. Phillips’ battle is far from over, but his important victory has empowered millions, just like you and me, to stand up and fight back against the assault on religious liberty.

“Not on My Watch” Book

This year, I wrote my first book, “Not on My Watch,” which launches February 15th. You can preorder your copy here! It was a labor of love and would never have been possible without the feedback of all of you.

I was honored to have Todd Starnes write the foreword, and I can’t wait to share the published book with all of you!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—none of the work we do here at Activist Mommy is possible without the prayers, encouragement, and support of all of our faithful followers and brothers and sisters in Christ.

We work hard fighting for your values in spite of all the harassment and censorship of the outlets we rely on to get our message across, and we have been truly humbled by your generous donations and helping our content to reach millions organically despite all of Facebook and Twitter’s best efforts.

Please continue to keep us in prayer in the new year, and if you have not already done so, consider a small donation so that we can see even more victories in 2019!

God bless you and yours, here’s to a very happy new year!