The “Equality Act” Passes In The House, Heads To Senate


As we have been covering, the “Equality Act” that is racing through Congress couldn’t possibly have a more inappropriate name.

If signed into law, this bill wouldn’t promote equality at all; it would empower the progressive, intersectional left to impose their agenda on everyone else and criminalize most forms of opposition to this agenda, even simple respectful disagreement.

The bill, which would forbid sexual orientation and “gender identity” from being considered as factors for employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding, credit, and even jury duty, instead of supporting equality, only favors select classes of people over all others.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and parental choice would all be ignored for the sake of giving special privileges to the elite few who have been deemed the most marginalized by the proponents of this bill.

Folks, this isn’t hypothetical. It’s already been happening as we have well documented here at Activist Mommy. The “Equality Act” isn’t about equality. It’s about enshrining the intersectional hierarchy into federal law.

For example, under the provisions of the bill, were it passed into law, a biological man would be able to simply say he identifies as a woman and be granted entry to a women’s domestic violence shelter or find employment in a woman’s sports league. This casts aside the rights of biological women.

Alliance Defending Freedom reports:

In Alaska, the city of Anchorage is using a similar law to force a women’s shelter to allow biological men who identify as women to sleep just three feet away from women who have experienced rape, sex trafficking, and domestic violence. The “Equality Act” would also open up shower facilities, restrooms, and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex in schools – as has already happened in Pennsylvania in the Boyertown Area School District.

In Decatur, Georgia, a young girl was sexually molested in her school restroom by a boy who was allowed in as a result of the type of policy that the “Equality Act” would force on the whole nation.

According to LGBTQ Nation, leftist advocates are lauding the House Democratic majority, especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for bringing them one giant leap closer to realizing their totalitarian dream.

“The Equality Act is an essential step toward creating a just and fair society for all, but especially critical to our members, it will afford LGBTQ working people the dignity and respect they deserve on the job,” said Pride At Work executive director Jerame Davis in an email update on the bill.

“Today is a historic day—the first time a comprehensive LGBTQ civil rights bill has come to the floor of the House,” the email continues. “This long overdue legislation will provide millions of LGBTQ Americans protections from being denied medical care, fired from their jobs, or thrown out of their homes simply because of who they are.”

Even if the dubious claim that LGBTQ people are being denied medical care, fired, or evicted is a fair one, Davis unsurprisingly ignores any of the bill’s many pitfalls.

“At this moment, we have an opportunity to continue our march toward justice—to enshrine in our nation’s laws protections for marginalized communities to ensure that everyone can fully participate in key areas of life, and to provide them recourse in the face of discrimination,” Davis says.

Yes, at the cost of marginalizing and discriminating against others. How very tolerant.

As Davis acknowledges, the bill faces a far more uncertain future in the Senate and—if it survives—the president’s desk.

“The Trump administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights,” a senior administration official told The Washington Blade last week.

That’s exactly the issue. It isn’t a matter of “hate,” a word these people just love to throw around whenever they’re opposed on any issue. It’s a matter of knitting legislation together in a way that has serious consequences beyond its intent. It’s a matter of handing over liberty to one group of people at the expense of another.

Please consider contacting your senators and letting them know that you strongly oppose the Equality Act. And please join us in prayer for our public servants faced with this bill, and for God to have mercy on this nation and to call His children to repentance and boldness so that we can bring revival—and common sense—to our country.


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