The Far-Left Ideology At American Universities That Turns Students Into Insurrectionists


It is no small coincidence that, as America’s higher-learning institutions all seem to fall into a trend of promoting far-left, Marxist ideology while demonizing free speech and basic American values, we are seeing a rise in violent, politically-driven chaos in the streets.

Whole generations are now being indoctrinated into radical, anti-American ideology in an environment where one often has to fight to survive academically as a Christian, conservative, or even a moderate.

In an editorial for PJ Media, McGill University anthropology professor Philip Carl Salzman wastes no words in pointing out the source—and the frightening goal—of the “anti-American hate seen in the current rioting, arson, and looting.”

“Various social movements—the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, the feminist movement from the 1960s, the revival of Marxism in the 1970s, the race activists from the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter, the gay liberation movement, the Palestinian anti-Israel movement—have been adopted and absorbed in universities in their most extreme and maximalist forms,” Salzman explains. “Professors have ceased to see themselves as scholars striving for impartial and objective knowledge, choosing instead to be advocates of preferred groups and movements, and activists advancing ‘progressive’ and far-left causes. Teaching has become largely political indoctrination, and administration includes ideological control and suppression of unwelcome opinions.”

It all began, he says, with the eradication of courses on Western civilization. By the end of the 20th century, all but a sparse few of these courses had been quietly pulled from university offerings.

“Western Civilization was no longer viewed as the font of great scientific and technological discoveries and achievements, of brilliant literary and artistic works, of advanced development of democratic institutions, of recognition of civil and human rights,” Salzman says. “Instead, Western Civilization was characterized as imperialistic, colonialistic, capitalist, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and Islamophobic, the work of evil white men who should be expunged from memory.”

While virtually every other great Western thinker has been shunned by these institutions, the works of one Western white male Karl Marx can still be found in university syllabuses: Karl Marx.

“In fact, Marx’s class-conflict model of society has been adopted throughout the social sciences, humanities, education, social work, and law,” Salzman explains, “ranging females against males, people of color against people of white, LGBT++ against heterosexuals, indigenous natives against “colonialists,” Muslims against Christians and Jews (as always throughout history), disabled against abled, poor against well off, and unsuccessful minorities against Asians.”

“The goal is the socialist utopia run by females, people of color, and transsexuals,” the professor goes on.

To achieve the goal of vilifying America, academics and researchers aren’t above a little exaggeration, either.

Salzman continues:

One further example is from American anthropology, which champions all other cultures in the world, but can never extend its understanding and sympathy to American culture (or Israel’s). A popular ethnographic study of Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa read over decades by literally millions of students in anthropology courses (including mine) was promoted to shame America, on the grounds that these hunters and gatherers, and indeed all hunters and gatherers, better than America exemplified American values of gender equality, the prominence of female contributions, peaceful resolution of conflict, and prosperity, even “affluence.” Feminists celebrated.

This account seemed to be true, until the historical and ethnographic details were examined closely.

The prominence of female contributions was exaggerated, as was gender equality. These folks were very peaceful, unless they had to eliminate a troublesome fellow or faced encroachment of others. As far as affluence goes, there was a lot of leisure in good years and a lot of starvation in bad ones. In short, it was all bunk. But it provided an excuse, however invalid, to shame American society and Western Civilization, and to advance the partisan interests of those who profit from undermining American culture.

“It rather amazed me when I was teaching in an elite university how many of my colleagues proudly proclaimed that they were communists, offered North Korea as a model to be followed, championed Communist China, and how few found American culture and Western Civilization achievements to be proud of,” Salzman concluded. “In fact, they seem to take pride in undermining America and the West.”

These are the institutions we are sending our children to, folks. We are sending them off to be molded into anti-American radicals by disingenuous ivory tower elites. We need to address and change this before it’s too late!

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