The March for Fake Science


It’s Earth Day. The day we celebrate “Mother Earth” and castigate the humans who inflict suffering upon this dying planet. (Just a side note: it’s interesting how if a conservative uses a gender-specific term such as “Mother” it’s mysogony, but if a liberal hippy hails the sovereignty of Mother Earth, it’s okay.)

So, on this momentous occasion, a bunch of left-wing tree-huggers got together at the foot of the Washington Monument to feign scientific objectivity and unity. The rally, which ended with a march down Constitution Avenue to the foot of Capital Hill, featured nature enthusiasts from all across the ethnic spectrum, from a Native American biologist to a Latina student, to a white male professor (this one offended me greatly) who heralded the need for affordable healthcare. It was dubbed “The March for Science” but I think “The March for Fake Science” is much more accurate!

One lady took the podium with great enthusiasm, proclaiming, “I’m a single mom of two, a black woman, an evolutionist, have an LGBT family, and my son and his identical twin are transgender. I belong here!” Yes ma’am, you certainly do. Because nothing screams “SCIENCE” more than abandonment of physiological design to embrace the fluidity of emotional instability.

The rally proudly featured various speakers who opined about how opinion-led science is destroying the universe. Speakers said the following…

  • “Denying science is denying democracy!”
  • “The war on science must end!”
  • “Global warming is real!”
  • “Vaccines do NOT cause Autism.”
  • “Science is objective.”

Wow. Just wow.

I couldn’t help but notice the crowd was conspicuously missing signs like…

  • “Life begins at fertilization.”
  • “Abortion ends a human life.”
  • “63 genders makes a mock of biology.”
  • “Genital mutilation is medically unnecessary and abusive.”

You see, if liberals truly respected science, they would admit there are only two genders. If liberals truly respected science, they would admit that abortion kills a living human being. I thought we conservatives were the science deniers???

At the end of the day, if there’s one thing we can take away from the subjective, un-scientific opinions expressed at today’s rally, it is this…if we are ever going to win back our culture and ward off the lies of the left, we will have to take back science, which of course, belongs to our God.