The Pink-Hatters Held Their Women’s Marches Again and You Won’t Believe The Signs This Year!


Last year, during the inauguration of Donald Trump, radical feminist women took to the streets to march in protest, claiming to fight for women’s rights.

Rights, by the way, they actually already possess.

How did these supposedly bold, brazen freedom fighters show their displeasure with President Trump and the fact conservatives took both houses of Congress? By wearing pink vagina hats while shouting obscene messages to tear down the patriarchy.

If you ever ask these ladies who or what the patriarchy actually is, you’ll never get an actual, concrete answer because not a single one of them really knows. If you follow this to its logical conclusion it means these women are showing up to fight for something they already have against an enemy they don’t even know.

Well, women once again took to the streets recently to protest again and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they are a loud, obnoxious, vulgar bunch.

The Political Cowboy has the latest:

The fact that more women are now in cabinet or high positions within the Trump administration than any other presidency in history does not fit their brand of feminism however. One quick look at a sampling of the protest signs they carried will tell you their main agenda: They don’t want equality, they want control!

One 6 year old girl in the San Francisco march carried a sign that said, “Don’t pi@! me off!”

Well alrighty. Take it easy there Wonder Woman. I’m sure she’ll grow up to be a sweetheart. Oh wait…I don’t think terms like sweetheart are allowed anymore.

Other signs read:

“Grab the patriarchy by the ba@#s.”

“We are the granddaughters of witches you weren’t able to burn.”

Wow. What a friendly bunch these ladies are, right? One would think that if their message is supposed to be one in which women are given equality, they’d stop trashing men and masculinity at every turn, showing instead how they, along with the feminine nature, are essential components of a fully functioning society. Both are necessary.

Apparently they would rather let the world see them as a bunch of shrill toddlers throwing the world’s largest mass temper tantrum, being vulgar simply for the joy of being vulgar.

How, exactly, does being nasty and disgusting win hearts and minds to their cause? It doesn’t.

What a truly sad state of affairs.