These Parents Got Planned Parenthood’s Curriculum Booted From Their School District


Public schools across America are being inundated with pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, and oftentimes educational material that comes, in some cases, directly from Planned Parenthood. What used to be safe places for children to receive an education are now liberal indoctrination hot spots aimed at destroying the souls of our children.

It is up to the parents to stand up and defend the innocent minds of our children and n California, the parent-led Anaheim chapter of MassResistance group has done exactly that.

The group has inspiringly been successful at having Planned Parenthood entirely removed from their school district. This is an awesome accomplishment, especially in the liberal hotbed of California. It didn’t come easy though; much effort was required of these concerned parents, but, since they were up for the task, they proved to us that if we stand up and speak out we CAN make a difference and influence our communities for good.

This particular chapter of MassResistance has a history of success as they previously battled the LGBT agenda in their schools. Shanda, the chapter’s leader, led efforts to stop a week-long transgender indoctrination program in elementary schools, which resulted in the  LGBT organizer behind the program kicked out of the district, got school libraries to remove their LGBT propaganda, and stopped a pro-LGBT activist from re-running for her position on the school board. Now that’s getting stuff done!

When it was time to set her sights on Planned Parenthood, she didn’t waste any time. Finding out when local school board meetings occur is the first step in fighting this kind of indoctrination in our schools. The MassResistance group showed up at school board meetings on March 5th and March 11th of this year and let their concerns be known.

According to MassResistance, “they told the Board lurid stories of graphic homosexual sex, pro-abortion counseling, and other ‘instruction’ that Planned Parenthood was giving their children. And they talked about the difficulty of getting a copy of the curriculum from the school.

The Anaheim group showed up at another school board meeting on May 7th, and once again gave testimony to the board about the horrifying things their children were being exposed to at school. Shanda reminded the Board members about “various California statutes that the Board was violating by allowing this, and by having such an overtly biased curriculum.”

MassResistance Organization Director and parent, Arthur Schaper, spoke passionately at the May 7 meeting, confronting the school board with information they would have a hard time justifying.

One such piece of information was that children were being forced to watch a rape unfold as part of Planned Parenthood sexual education. It is unfathomable how any educator would think that was an acceptable thing to show children.

Watch his full testimony:

After other steps were taken to stop Planned Parenthood’s graphic sexual education in public schools, the school board announced on May 28th that they would no longer be using that curriculum at all in the district. This is a huge victory and other parents around the country should take notice and get motivated to make similar changes in their own communities!

If we are persistent and bold we can push these perverse and wicked agendas out of our schools and protect our children’s young, impressionable minds. Never underestimate how powerful your voices are as parents! No one cares about the wellbeing and spiritual health of your children more than you do. Let’s make sure our nation’s schools can make a return to wholesome, values-based education that is beneficial for all children.


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