This Bill Will Make New York The First State To Totally Decriminalize Prostitution


When the leftists want to normalize something that has been rightfully considered immoral and disgusting throughout human history, one of their main tactics is to give it a palatable new name.

In the case of prostitution, the politically correct nomenclature is now “sex work”.

After all, according to the sex-obsessed ideology of the left, prostitution is just another perfectly legitimate occupation. Thanks to Senate Bill 6419, a controversial bill in New York, their agenda may soon come to fruition.

If S6419 passes, each of New York’s laws against prostitution would be repealed and criminal records related to “most sex work charges” would be eliminated. In short, New York would become the first state to fully decriminalize prostitution, according to WPIX.

The bill was introduced in the state Senate on Tuesday by Democrat senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar.

Pro-prostitution advocacy group Decrim NY, who co-authored the bill, introduced the legislation in the Assembly. According to their website, their mission is to “decriminalize, decarcerate and destigmatize the sex trade in New York City and state.”

In a video shared live on Facebook, members of Decrim NY pontificated to Assemblymembers that “sex worker rights are human rights”:

Watch: Today we're introducing our bill to decriminalize & decarcerate the sex trades in New York. It's the first statewide bill of its kind in the nation. Join us for this historical moment.

Posted by Decrim NY on Monday, June 10, 2019

Just when we think New York can’t possibly get any more immoral, this happens.

If passed, S6419  will essentially legalize both “buying sex and selling sex” under specific circumstances, WGNTV reports:

The legislation would also regulate the actual places where prostitution takes place, in an effort to regulate sex work and make working conditions for sex workers safer.

Pardon me, but what kind of delusion do you have to be under in order to believe that “work” that dehumanizes and objectifies women as literal sex objects should be legal and that the burden should be on the state (and, therefore, the taxpayer) to ensure a safe working environment for prostitutes?

How funny, Democrats want the government to “stay out of their bedroom,” unless of course it’s to give them something they want.

Under current state law, nearly every charge related to prostitution is a misdemeanor. While most prostitution laws and charges would be repealed if the bill passes, some would still remain. Prostitution in a school zone, for example, would still be a misdemeanor.

How comforting.

These people want to indoctrinate school children with every other form of sexual perversion, but at least we can rest easy knowing there won’t be any prostitution going on in their midst, at least not without a relatively minor criminal charge.

Perhaps the only silver lining of this foreboding storm cloud is the fact that the bill would not repeal any aspects of New York’s penal code relating to sex trafficking and prostitution of minors. But to legalize prostitution in virtually every other form does little to ensure trafficking will diminish.

If you live in New York, please find your Senator and respectfully let them know that you do not want to see this hideous bill pass! Also, find your Assemblyperson and alert them to this bill and tell them that, should a matching Assembly bill be proposed, you sincerely hope that they do not support it.

Don’t let the erosion of even our most basic values happen without a fight!


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