This Formerly Liberal Appeals Court Upheld A Trump Rule Preventing Taxpayer Funding Of Abortions


A federal appeals court has upheld a Trump administration rule banning the use of federal “family planning” funding for abortion.

The rules, enacted by the Department of Health and Human Services, forbid clinics that receive federal funds through the Title X program from making abortion referrals or sharing space with abortion providers. Naturally, this chaps the hide of the “abortion is healthcare” crowd, who has been fighting the rule since its creation in March 2019.

Amazingly, the 7-4 ruling came from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a formerly notoriously leftist circuit often referred to by conservatives as “The Ninth Circus” or “The Nutty Ninth.” With several vacancies left by its notorious “liberal lion” judges, President Trump was able to tap various fiscal and social conservatives that could right the ship—pardon the pun—over time.

According to Courthouse News, the landmark ruling rejected arguments that the gag rule preventing doctors from referring patients for abortion services would force doctors to withhold medical information from patients and violate their ethical convictions.

The Title X grant program, enacted in 1970 under President Richard Nixon, is designed to help healthcare providers offer family planning services such as contraception, or non-abortifacient services such as sterilization, to low-income patients. Funding can also be used to cover cancer screenings, STD testing, and more. The “Protect Life” rule, however, forbids grant recipients from using the funds to “perform, promote, refer to, or support abortion as a method of family planning.”

As an aside, the “Protect Life” rule quite brilliantly forced Planned Parenthood to show its true colors regarding its status as a “healthcare provider.”

Last summer, the highly lucrative “nonprofit” announced that they would be pulling out of the Title X program over the rule. Rather than continue to provide actual care for women in need and abide by a rule that should have been simple enough—if their claims that abortions only account for a minuscule amount of their business were true, that is—the abortion behemoth simply threw up their hands and quit Title X altogether.

Gee, I wonder why.

US Department of Justice spokesperson Mollie Timmons said that her agency was “pleased” by the new ruling.

“Congress has long prohibited the use of Title X funds in programs where abortion is a method of family planning and HHS’s recent rule makes that longstanding prohibition a reality,” Timmons said. “We look forward to continuing to defend this vital rule against all challenges.”

Conservative attorney Ed Whelan called the decision a “big loss for Planned Parenthood.”

“Big victory for Trump administration,” Whelan tweeted on Monday. “Big loss for Planned Parenthood. Good illustration of how President Trump’s appointments are transforming the Ninth Circuit.”

Naturally, this isn’t news to necessarily weep over—except for Planned Parenthood—but we must not forget that our goal shouldn’t be merely to cut off abortion providers from taxpayer money. No, taxpayers should not be essentially coerced into paying taxes that, in part, will subsidize the wholesale slaughter of precious children and line the pockets of abortion providers.

Saints, our endgame must be to end abortion, not merely limit it. Never forget!

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