This New Pro-Life Congresswoman Is Here to Save Us From “The Squad”


With a Democrat in the White House and the majority of seats in the nation’s legislature flipped to blue, Americans are rightfully concerned about what the future may hold.

Enter Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), a freshman congresswoman who defeated an incumbent Democrat and is intent on working with her colleagues to check the growing power of the leftist contingency within Congress, the face of which is “the Squad,” a group of hyper-leftists headed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

In an interview with The Daily Signal, Malliotakis explained her roots that drove her to a life of public service and her plan to curb the advance of radical liberalism.

“Both my parents are immigrants,” Malliotakis said. “…They came alone and they didn’t even speak the language at that time, but they came with a dedication to work very hard and to pursue the American dream.”

Malliotakis’ mother, a Cuban refugee, fled the communist Castro regime in 1959, something that would shape her entire future.

“My mom was always very passionate about the ability to elect your leaders and so she got me involved at a very young age,” the congresswoman said.

When asked what prompted her to start running for office, Malliotakis said, “I ran simply because, as a tax-paying citizen, who’s commuting to work every day, I was very upset with the fact that buses were being eliminated and fares were going up and tolls were going up and taxes were going up and we weren’t getting the services that we deserve.”

Malliotakis’ career has seen her defeat a handful of Democratic incumbents, the latest of which was Rep. Max Rose (D-NY). Now, in her first congressional term, she’s determined to make big changes and bring the government back to basics.

“I believe that we need individuals who are willing to stand up and fight to preserve our freedoms, our liberties, to preserve the American dream for future generations,” Malliotakis declared. “Get government back to the basics of what they’re actually supposed to be doing, keeping the public safe, securing our borders, making sure that our children are getting a good education.”

“These are the things I think people expect from their government,” she added. “And yet government has somehow gone in all sorts of areas where they don’t belong.”

As for what she will set her mind to in her new post as congresswoman, Malliotakis said, “My immediate priorities: making sure that we overcome this pandemic, we reopen our economy. I’ve been pushing for that very strongly locally in New York.”

Malliotakis also warned that Americans are “rightfully concerned with what’s going to happen under one-party Democratic rule,” pointing to her own experience as a New Yorker. “And as somebody who represents New York, I could tell you, when the state Senate flipped from Republican to Democrat and New York became under one-party rule, and beginning in 2019, we saw what a mess it became.”

She also urged Americans to “be vigilant” regarding “radical policies, whether it be late-term abortion to the ninth month, whether it be radical changes to our bail system that released criminals back onto our streets, whether it be laws that gave free college to illegal immigrants, laws that protected those who are here illegally that commit crimes or [are] convicted, to protect them from deportation” that she fears may become federal policy.

There is a deep well of hope, however, knowing that Malliotakis isn’t alone. “There is hope in knowing that our freshman class has a dynamic group of people who are just as passionate as I am about preserving our freedoms and liberties and pushing back against socialism,” she said.

“For me, it’s personal, daughter of a Cuban refugee,” Malliotakis said, “I know what it’s like in other countries and we don’t want to see that happening here in the United States of America. A country like Venezuela, which was the richest nation in South America, and all of a sudden look where it is today. We need to be vigilant about that. We need to push back and expose what they’re doing.”

Amen!! We need more men and women like Malliotakis in government!

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