This New York Town Wants To Be A Sanctuary For The Unborn


Pro-life New Yorkers have been faced with the seemingly unbearable burden of standing up for the life of the unborn when those in power have paved the way for abortion at any gestational age, even up until a baby’s birth date.

As if to add salt to the wound, New York is a state that forbids the death penalty for convicted criminals and is rife with so-called “sanctuary cities” where illegal aliens can safely avoid any consequences of breaking our immigration laws.

That’s right, criminals have more of a right to life in New York than an innocent baby in its mother’s womb.

But all it takes for change to begin is for one person to stand up, and the more New Yorkers make this bold choice, the sooner change will come.

One pro-life group in the western region of the state, however, is working to change that.

According to The Citizen Media, a group of ardent pro-life Christians in Batavia, New York have held rallies and attended several city council meetings to speak for the unborn and to urge their local government to take a stand against the murder of children.

Rather than cave to the growing insanity of the leftist state government in being a sanctuary city for criminals, associates of Abolish Human Abortion Of Western New York implored their elected officials to declare Batavia a sanctuary city for the unborn.

Over the years, cities around the country have defied the law and declared themselves “sanctuary cities” to protect illegal immigrants. Sanctuary city jurisdictions that harbor and shield criminal illegal aliens from deportation by federal immigration officials continues to grow nationwide. This is a list of current sanctuary areas in New York State, according to the Center for Immigration Studies: Albany, Franklin County, Ithaca, Nassau County, New York City, Onondaga County, St. Lawrence County, and Wayne County.

Instead of protecting illegal immigrants, however, Batavia, New York, would be protecting pre-born babies from being murdered. Declaring Batavia a sanctuary city for the pre-born would make it impossible to receive an abortion within the city limits.

Jon Speed, the Syracuse bookstore owner who made headlines when he shuttered his shop and refused to collect sales tax for his murderous state government on the day the abortion bill was passed, made an appearance at the Batavia events.

“I believe that you guys have the courage to do the right thing…make Batavia a sanctuary city for the unborn,” Speed said to the council, according to The Batavian.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” he continued, “and we need to fear God more than we fear men, more than we fear Cuomo, some guy on Facebook or Planned Parenthood. Fear the One who you will stand before in judgment. “

Naturally, the presence of Christian pro-lifers with a spine and a conscience is receiving quite a bit of pushback from liberal opposition in the city. Ultimately, the Batavia City Council shirked their responsibility to protect their citizens and refused to stand up to Cuomo and his ravenous hordes in Albany.

We don’t need more spineless legislators in New York or anywhere else in New York.

We need bold Christians to stand up to the murderous establishment and call the nation to repentance for the grievous sin that abortion is.

This is why we traveled to New York last month for the Day of Mourning, where we joined thousands of New Yorkers and believers across the country in falling on our face before the Lord, begging for His mercy on our country.

Day Of Mourning Organizer Laments

True repentance requires that we acknowledge what we’ve done as a nation. Lord, let us come to a place where we see all life as you see it.#DayOfMourning

Posted by Day Of Mourning on Thursday, March 21, 2019

We are far from over.

We are bringing the Day of Mourning to Richmond, Virginia, and we hope to see you there.

Day Of Mourning | Richmond, Virginia

🔥 ANNOUNCING! 🔥 Day Of Mourning is coming to Richmond, Virginia! We are mourning and repenting and standing in the gap for the infanticide that Governor Northam supports. 💔 Many of you regretted not getting tickets to our sold out New York event. Don’t miss it. Join us! Get your tickets here —>

Posted by Day Of Mourning on Friday, March 8, 2019


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