This School Is “Taxing” Students Who Don’t Wear Clothing With Pro-LGBT Messages


When a family makes the decision to send their child to a public school, they should reasonably expect him or her to receive a quality education free from inappropriate or irrelevant influences.

In a perfect world, children would go off to school, learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, and come home to a loving family who will instill their most cherished beliefs and values in them.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world, but these days, we don’t even live in a reasonable one. In a reasonable world, a child would go to school, learn, and most likely (and unfortunately) be subject to bullying, peer pressure, and even some secular humanist influence from the teachers or curriculum.

Even in that case, parents are able to morally and spiritually equip their children to face life in a world that nine times out of ten is going to disagree with them on most issues.

In a certain Australian public school, however, up is down, black is white, and mere tolerance simply isn’t good enough.

Greystanes High School in New South Wales announced in a Facebook post and a letter sent to parents that on “Rainbow Mufti Day,” any students caught not openly participating in the “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” would be expected to double their supposedly voluntary charitable donations to the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

In short, children who don’t explicitly celebrate LGBT+ lifestyles will essentially be taxed.

This is so incredibly wicked and short-sighted. One can’t help but wonder what sort of bullying the conservative Christian, Muslim, or Jewish student who personally objects to LGBT+ normalization will be subject to if they try to exercise their apparent right not to bring a contribution at all.

And we have to consider the question, how many families send their children to Greystanes who don’t have the resources for even a small “tax” like this? Will the children who had to choose lunch money over this “contribution” be ostracized or lectured by their teachers? According to the letter, this may very well be the case.

A copy of the physical letter was obtained by Caldron Pool, which reads, in part, “Students may also elect to attend in full school uniform. But if a student is out-of-uniform and does not donate they will be chased up until they pay up.”

“We would like to clarify any misunderstanding from a previous letter which was distributed to parents at Greystanes High School,” the school said in a follow-up Facebook post after deleting the original. “Please be assured that students who did not donate a gold coin will not be pursued for payment. Donations to this cause and to future fundraising causes are voluntary… We would like to apologise if you received the impression that students ‘must pay’. We acknowledge the school has played a role in creating this impression and that the letter was poorly expressed.”

Kudos to all the parents who refused to take this leftist totalitarianism lying down! This is why our voices are so important, parents. Never be silent when something this insane is expected from you or your children.

It’s one thing for students to identify as LGBT+, which comes with its own serious problems. It’s another thing entirely for schools to force sexuality (heterosexual or otherwise) on children and punish them for honoring their convictions.

It’s time to seriously re-evaluate if public schools are still a safe place to send our children.


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