This Seattle Cop Debunks the Top Four Myths About Defunding the Police


A Seattle police officer is standing up against leftist propaganda used as evidence for the movement to defund police departments across the nation.

In an op-ed for the New York Post, Christopher Young identifies himself as a “progressive who wants to decriminalize drugs and advance the welfare state,” which would lead one to believe he fits in well in his liberal Pacific Northwest community.

As a military veteran and a police officer with nearly thirty years of service under his belt, however, Young wholeheartedly denounces the movement to defund the police that has swept the nation—especially Seattle, which experienced an uprising in the form of a police-free “autonomous zone” earlier this eyar.

“The raging #DefundthePolice movement doesn’t know me and my colleagues at all,” Young declared, “and persistent myths about police and their critics do more harm than good.”

Four myths of the anti-police movement, Young goes on, are especially worthy of debunking, beginning with the claim that police are killing large amounts of civilians.

“In New York City, the police department has meticulously tracked every shot fired by its officers since 1971,” Young explains. “These officers represent roughly 5 percent of the entire American force, so it’s a large sample. The NYPD’s annual report shows a dramatic, sustained drop in killings by police — from 93 in 1971 to just five in 2018.”

“The reality is that US policing has steadily improved over the past 50 years. In Gotham, officers firing a gun have gone from a daily to monthly occurrence. And the city has become dramatically safer over the same period,” he continues. “In other words, the NYPD has successfully used less lethal means of preserving — and improving — the rule of law.”

Young also addressed the notion that the anti-police movement is a peaceful one.

“Anyone who watched the protests on television would know that the daytime ones were lawful free speech,” Young wrote. “But the dynamic changed dramatically at night. Protests became intentional ­riots, designed to draw a police response that allowed rioters to claim victim status.”

“They would begin with insults, shouted at the riot line for hours in the hope that exhausted officers would retort on video; some told officers to commit ­suicide,” Young continued. “Then they would throw rocks, shine bright lasers in our eyes and throw fireworks and Molotov cocktails — forcing the police to respond.”

“Yet the mainstream media adopted the comically false ‘peaceful-protest’ narrative and perpetuated the myth of pervasive police brutality,” creating a “successful propaganda operation” for activists.

Further, Young addressed the anarchist notion that a police force isn’t necessary to begin with, which he simply calls out as “nonsense.”

“One of the greatest achievements in human history was creating government monopolies on the use of force,” Young explains. “Ancient tribal societies had a violent death rate of 500 per 100,000 people per year. That number dropped to 50 in medieval societies and just one to five in the modern West.”

Young pointed to Seattle’s “autonomous zone” protest, which went three weeks without police presence: “It immediately became a hellscape and led to the shooting deaths of two young black men — the very people the movement claims to want to protect from the police.”

Lastly, Young took on the claim that police forces are becoming increasingly “militarized.”

“Wrong, wrong, wrong,” Young says of the claim. “As a soldier, I rode in an armored vehicle and sat in a turret with a belt-fed machine gun. My job was to shoot enemy soldiers. In my 26 years as a cop, I have done no such thing.”

If anything, Young says that armored gear and vehicles often used by SWAT teams “help them avoid deadly force, not commit it,” allowing them to wait longer before using deadly force. “In Seattle, our SWAT team recently saved a suicidal young black man with a gun,” he adds.

“Social-justice warriors say that policing is hopelessly broken, and the only solution is ‘defund, disarm and disband,'” Young concludes. “Take it from a left-leaning cop: Those arguments are either wildly exaggerated or just plain false.”