This Trump Supporter Has a Message for Black Americans Blindly Voting for Biden


Warning: The following video contains adult language. 

A frustrated Trump supporter has gone viral with an epic truth bomb for those in the Black community blindly voting for Biden, setting the record straight on who has actually achieved more for the safety and prosperity of people of color in America.

“Make this go viral,” said Tamika Hamilton, the GOP candidate for California’s third congressional district who shared the video, featuring podcaster Megan McGlover, on Twitter.

“What do you want?” McGlover asked her fellow Black Americans and their “allies.”

“You say you want black men to step up. They’re trying to step up but every time they step up you tell them they’re stepping wrong,” McGlover declared, citing the left’s meltdown over rappers 50 Cent and Ice Cube lending a hand to the Trump administration.

McGlover asked viewers how it can be that they “can’t take four more years” of Trump, yet they silently sat through 47 years of destructive policies under Biden’s political career.

“You can’t do basic math? You can’t take four more years of someone who has actually helped – do the research!” McGlover went on, pointing to rock-bottom Black employment rates under the Trump administration and the president’s eagerness to provide funding for struggling Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

“The list goes on and on and on. I’m not going to sit up here and play these games with you people,” McGlover ranted.

“What do you want? Are you so angry and so upset with Trump that you can’t do truth no more? Is that’s what’s really going on?” she asked viewers. “You just refuse to see the truth because you’re just so upset with Trump – and upset with Trump about what?”

McGlover then turned to the “47 years of bulls*** ” of failed Democrat policy and once more called out haters who backstab Black individuals who cross the partisan divide to create real, positive change.

Reasonably exasperated, McGlover concludes, “maybe you just like getting your a** whooped.”

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