This Vogue Magazine Writer Criticized Melania For Her Shoes…


A not-so-easy on the eyes writer for Vogue magazine decided to attack the First Lady for her fashion choices during Hurricane Harvey.

Melania Trump’s snakeskin stilettos were the subject of an article for Vogue magazine by writer Lynn Yaeger.

“Oh, Melania,” Lynn Yaeger wrote. “In the words of the late, great Lou Reed, you ‘couldn’t hit it sideways,’” after claiming the White House failed to “understand optics.”

The Vogue writer accusing Melania Trump and the Trump administration of failing to “understand optics” regularly goes out in public in a red wig-like cap, black lipstick, and, let’s say, “interesting” clothing.

“But what kind of message does a fly-in visit from a First Lady in sky-high stilettos send to those suffering the enormous hardship, the devastation of this natural disaster?” Yaeger complained.

Of course, the First Lady had a change of shoes waiting for her on the plane, and when Mrs. Trump did disembark the plane in Texas she was photographed wearing sneakers.

You know what they say about those in glass houses….or in this case, those in garish makeup.