Thousands Of Sexually Explicit Books Added To VA School Libraries, Parents Furious


Parents of children in Loudon County, Virginia school district were incensed to find that thousands of pro-LGBT books were added to the classroom libraries across the district.

The books, many of which contain disgustingly graphic language including “frequent descriptions of underage drinking, fondling, masturbation, orgasms, oral sex, sexual intercourse, sexual abuse, statutory rape, incest, and rape,” found their way onto classroom shelves through the district’s new “Diverse Classroom Library Initiative.”

According to The Daily Signal, the program was largely intended to introduce literature that would expose students to different cultures and ethnicities, but parents soon found that a shocking number of books instead focused on “sexual diversity.” 

The Daily Signal reports:

Even books at the kindergarten level promote LGBT ideology through books such as “My Princess Boy,” designed to introduce 5- and 6-year-olds to the harmful idea that they can change their gender. Another book, “Heather Has Two Mommies,” denies the need for fathers and ignores the loss a child might feel over having no relationship with his or her father.

Other titles include, but are certainly not limited to: “Prince and Knight” (second grade), “Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out,” “Some Girls Bind,” “Weird Girl and What’s His Name” (positively featuring statutory rape between a young boy and his boss, and a relationship between a girl and her teacher), and “Being Jazz: My Life as a Transgender Teen.”

Some of the language contained in the books was so graphic that school board member Joy Maloney, who supported the book program, protested when concerned parents began reading passages from some of the books aloud at a public meeting. Maloney complained that the meeting wasn’t an “appropriate setting” for such inappropriate language. 

As the parents and even Chairman of the Board Jeff Morse were quick to point out, if it’s inappropriate for a group of adults to hear in a meeting, who in their right minds thinks it’s appropriate for children to read in a classroom?!

“When some of the speakers came forward and they were using language and I had to fight the urge to tell them to stop, as the chair, because here they are, rattling off obscenities in front of the community and on TV, which I’m sure we had to censor on TV, and those are the words that our kids are reading?” Morse said. “I’ve got a real problem with that. “

The Daily Signal continues:

When parents received an email at the beginning of the school year from the school district announcing its new diversity statement and the accompanying Diverse Classroom Library Initiative, their initial thought was, “Great, we love diversity.”

But upon digging into the massive book list, several parents were alarmed by some book descriptions.

Unfortunately, this program is unlike the typical “LGBT book displays” that other parents encounter at their local libraries, in which the agenda is clearly marked and accessible to parents for review.

Instead, large collections of these books were placed by administrators into schools county-wide to supplement teachers’ classroom libraries. Not only do parents have no idea what their children happen to pick up and read during a school day, but kids aren’t even allowed to bring books out of the classroom.

And even though the books aren’t part of the curriculum, a board member at the latest October meeting pointed out that nothing prevents a teacher from selecting one of the books to include in their lesson plans, even though it’s not part of district-mandated curricula.

Other important facts came to light at this meeting. According to testimony by Ashley Ellis, the assistant superintendent for instruction, Loudoun County Public Schools staff has not even read the diversity books. The books were instead selected by various “specialists” and “library experts,” including Mackin, a third-party book selection agency.

The vile content of the books aren’t the only thing under fire by parents and other board members. According to Morse, the entire process by which the books were added to the schools, as well as the process to get them out, is shady and illogical.

“Our policy is reactive,” he stated. “We’re waiting until the kid sees stuff to come out and say, well, the parent can object to that. By that point, it’s out there. It’s already in schools and on the book shelves. They should be completely read before they’re put in the hands of a fourth-grader.”

Under the current policy, parents may fill out a form asking the school (not the district, meaning the book won’t be pulled from other schools) to review one particular piece of material at a time. The form asks questions such as:

To what in the material do you object (please be specific, cite pages, film sequence, etc.)?

What do you believe is the theme or purpose of this material?

What do you feel might be the result of a student using this material?

For what age group would you recommend this material?

Is there anything good in this material? Please comment.

Would you care to recommend other material of the same subject and format?

Why are these questions being asked after the fact, and why are they being directed to parents instead of district staff?! Pardon me, but if I were tasked with vetting books for the school district, I’d expect to be on their payroll! 

Of course, after a parent asks for review of a book, its preservation or removal is at the discretion of the principal, at which point the parent must go through an appeal if they disagree with the decision.

So let’s get this straight: the burden first falls on the child to even notify their parent of a troubling book in the first place, then on the parent to read the book and file a complaint, and all this when the district admits that their staff hasn’t even read the books themselves. Insane!

Call the Loudon County School Board to let them know that their blatant disregard for the innocence of children is unacceptable. Parents should not have to jump through hoops in order to get vile, pornographic material out of their children’s classrooms! Does that even need to be said?! 


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