Unbelievable: There Are Now THREE Active Hurricanes In The Atlantic

If you’re wondering what the heck is Mother Nature’s problem these days, you’re not alone.


We’ve all seen the scary images of the carnage that Hurricane Harvey caused in the great state of Texas, and there’s another monstrous storm right behind it.

Hurricane Irma is trekking its way through the Atlantic Ocean, and this one looks like an absolute monster. It’s a Category 5 storm with the potential for catastrophic winds of up to 185 mph.

It’s already wreaked havoc on islands in the Caribbean, and it appears to be on a collision course with Florida.

Incredibly, Irma is not the only storm out there in Mother Nature’s pipeline.

As ClickOnDetroit shares, “Jose became a hurricane Wednesday afternoon, with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, the National Hurricane Center said in its 5 p.m. advisory for the storm. The Category 1 storm is more than 1,000 miles from the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.”

But wait – there’s more. Yep, there’s another hurricane swirling about as well.

“JUST IN: Hurricane Katia forms in the southern Gulf of Mexico; joins Hurricanes Irma and Jose currently in the Atlantic basin,” reads a post on social media from NBC Nightly News.

It’s unclear how powerful Jose and Katia may grow to be, but we already have evidence that Irma is going to cause major problems.

“Irma’s core slammed Barbuda early Wednesday before moving over St. Martin and Anguilla and parts of the British Virgin Islands. Its maximum sustained winds of 185 mph were well above the 157 mph threshold of a Category 5 storm,” ClickOnDetroit adds.

Stay safe everyone, and be sure to always heed evacuation orders if they come your way.

Also remember to keep all those in Hurricane Irma’s path in your prayers, that God might put a hedge around their homes and their lives during this challenging time.

Learn more about these three hurricanes currently in the Atlantic Ocean below.