TikTok Quietly Restores Live Action’s Account After Brief Ban, Cites “Human Error”


Less than 24 hours ago, TikTok, an increasingly popular social media app, banned pro-life advocacy group Live Action from their platform, claiming that one of their videos had violated community guidelines.

After just a few hours and no shortage of outrage from the organization’s thousands of followers, the Chinese-owned platform quietly reinstated the group’s account blaming “human error” for the incident.

Live Action founder Lila Rose announced the deplatforming in a tweet yesterday morning:

“TikTok has just BANNED & permanently removed Live Action from the platform,” Rose said. “My team grew the largest pro-life voice on the platform. We had 21,000 followers & over a million video views. This is another egregious attack on the pro-life movement by pro-abortion Big Tech.”

Rose also shared the video that supposedly violated TikTok’s community guidelines:

Rose shared other examples of the completely benign content her organization shared via TikTok, as well as some sick examples of videos that were allowed to remain on the platform:

Several followers rightly pointed out the fact that TikTok is little more than a means for the communist Chinese government to collect data on Americans and, given China’s penchant for abortion and population control, it’s no wonder they’d seek to silence pro-lifers:

Live Action wasted no time in taking TikTok to task for the senseless ban:

Later that afternoon, reports began to surface that TikTok had banned Live Action by mistake and had reinstated their account. Oddly enough, it seems they didn’t bother to notify Live Action:

“Media is reporting that TikTok has told them they have now reinstated our account & it was a ‘human error,'” Rose tweeted. “Live Action has received ZERO communication from TikTok since being banned. It appears they have allowed our account to go back up w/ no explanation.”

Moments later, Rose stated that she had finally received an email from TikTok apologizing for their error and confirming that the account had been reinstated:

Live Action director Alison Centofante announced that the group had “won today’s battle,” but that “the war isn’t over.”

“Not every pro-life American has the reach that Live Action has to sound the alarm on viewpoint discrimination and get a response. ‘Human error’ is not sufficient,” Centofante wrote, urging TikTok to “be better.”

This certainly isn’t the first time a conservative or pro-life organization has been booted from a leftist-helmed social media platform, and we know it won’t be the last.

Leftists want to erase us from their media, ban us from the sidewalks of their clinics, and eradicate the pro-life voice anywhere it can be heard.

We won’t let them.

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