TikTok Video of Woman Cackling Over Her Planned Abortion Sparks Outrage, Heartbreak


When we face down the cruel, sinister face of the pro-abortion movement, it is vital to remember that many of those who so brazenly celebrate the death of unborn babies simply have no idea what it is they’re promoting and glorifying.

It is with particular shock and grief that conservatives processed a TikTok video shared around social media this week which depicted a young woman laughing triumphantly about her scheduled abortion.

In the video, which was shared to Twitter by conservative commentator Candace Owens, the woman, who goes by the TikTok handle @elle_em-Gee at first appeared distressed, crying over a positive pregnancy test.

“Oh my God, guys, I’m freaking out,” she told the camera, holding up the positive test.

“What am I going to do?” she lamented just before suddenly bursting into laughter and declaring “Just kidding!”

“I already scheduled the appointment,” she says jubilantly before tossing the test over her shoulder and grabbing what appears to be wine and pouring herself a large portion.

“I am what conservatives fear!” she declares as she continues to fill up her glass.

“F**K that sh*t,” she concludes, turning the camera off.

Owens spoke for many conservatives when she tweeted, “This honestly just breaks my heart. If people can’t see the demonic nature of the Left teaching children to mock killing an unborn child for social media likes, then we as a society are completely lost.”

“Pray for this girl,” she urged. “Pray for the unborn.”

As one of Owens’ followers pointed out, conservatives are certainly not afraid of women like this young mother, and rather pray that she would spare her baby’s life and live a full one as well.

“We do not fear you. We pray for you, for your baby if it’s not too late, for your future without that baby if it is, every anniversary of the abortion, every milestone your little one won’t be with you to, for your health…” wrote one tender-hearted Twitter user.

Amen. Pray for all the young women out there who have been hoodwinked into thinking that it is empowering to destroy the miracle of life as it blossoms in their wombs.

Abortion kills unborn children and robs women of the chance to be mothers and to give life to another precious one of God’s children whose life has value no matter what the circumstances of its conception.

Pray for eyes to be opened and for moral lawmakers across the nation to join together to put an end to this heartbreaking holocaust on the unborn and immeasurably damaging assault on America’s women.

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