Tim Tebow on Why He Stepped to the Front Lines of the Fight to End Human Trafficking


Although much of the buzz that has surrounded football legend Tim Tebow lately involves his potential return to the National Football League, last week he was more interested in promoting his effort to provide “holistic” care for survivors of human trafficking.

On Thursday, May 14, Tebow delivered an impassioned speech on the reason he has taken up the fight to minister to those trying to flee modern-day bondage.

Speaking at the Tennesee State Capitol, the pro athlete explained that his father had paved the way, once emptying his wallet to rescue four girls who were being trafficked.

“My dad was in a remote country, preaching at an underground pastor’s conference. And, where he was, there were four girls, not too far away, that were being sold. He took out all the money in his wallet, which was $1,200, and he purchased them to rescue them because he knew whoever else was gonna buy them was not gonna do something good,” he said, according to TMZ Sports.

Although Tebow’s father didn’t have a plan, he knew he had to act.

“He wasn’t prepared for everything that was next, but he couldn’t not do something about it because this demands a response by him, by me, by you, by everything that they’re doing. It demands a response. We have to respond. He responded, I’m grateful.”

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee also announced that Tebow’s foundation, Her Story, was being gifted with $1.2 million to continue fight for an end to human trafficking.

“My foundation and I are committed to increasing holistic survivor care across the country and around the world through our ministry, Her Song, and look forward to serving alongside the great state of Tennessee to continue pushing back this darkness,” Tebow said.

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