Tina Smith Cites Work History at Planned Parenthood To Grab Reelection Votes Against Pro-Life Republican


As we march ever closer to November, it’s not just the presidential election that’s heating up. In an effort to grab votes among an increasingly radical party base, one Democratic incumbent sunk so low as to tout her work history at Planned Parenthood.

In a Monday tweet, Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) endowed herself with the title of the only senator to have ever worked for the abortion giant.

“I’m the only Senator to have worked at Planned Parenthood,” the former executive for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and North and South Dakota tweeted. “I’ve seen first-hand how far Republican attacks on reproductive rights will go. If they get this SCOTUS seat, they WILL work to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

In response, Jason Lewis, Smith’s pro-life Republican opponent, responded that Smith had “made a career and fortune taking the lives of the unborn and she’s wearing it as a badge of honor. It’s disgraceful.”

“She also said on the Senate floor that providing medical treatment to a newborn who survives a botched abortion attempt would be ‘inappropriate,’” he added.

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, who now is a pro-life activist helping other abortion workers leave that industry, delved into Smith’s statement in a comment to Breitbart:

Since Sen. Smith worked at Planned Parenthood, she knows full well how they treat women, how they tell vulnerable women there is no way they can have a baby and achieve their dreams, how they push their clinics to meet abortion quotas, how they have clinic workers who piece together the pieces of aborted babies daily. I know how easy it is to justify the lies Planned Parenthood tells and to think that you are helping women who walk through those doors. And I’ve got more than 550 former abortion workers who testify to this truth that I’ve helped leave abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood does the very opposite of empowering women and unfortunately I participated in those lies for eight years. It’s never too late to see the truth and experience the mercy of God, which is there for everyone, including Sen. Smith.

According to the Minnesota Sun, Smith, who also had a successful career as a lobbyist for the abortion industry, said on the Senate floor last year that medical treatment for babies who survive abortion attempts was “inappropriate”:

Colleagues, that’s what this bill does. It would give the politicians in this room the power to make medical decisions for women and their families. This bill intimidates providers and forces physicians to provide inappropriate medical treatment, even when it’s not in the best interest of the patient or her family.

Folks, this is what we are up against. We must vote for life—it’s that simple!

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