TLC Disowns “Counting On” Star After He Dares to Call “Jazz” Jennings a Boy


It never ceases to amaze how often people are punished these days for simply stating the truth. When else in history has it been taboo to point out basic reality?

There was a time when African Americans were seen as less human than other ethnicities, and horrible, horrendous things were done under this logic. Those who boldly stood up to the truth were those who were pointing out the biological, and spiritual, reality that all humans were of the same species and of equal value before God.

So why is it now seen as a grievous crime against civil rights to boldly state that someone, no matter how they feel inside, can only be one gender? Why is it seen as compassionate to condescendingly reinforce someone’s delusion and hateful to point out that they need help?

This is exactly what has happened to “Counting On” start Derick Dillard, whose wife, Jill, is one of the Duggar girls.

Both Dillard and Jazz Jennings, the 17-year-old transgender boy who has been an emblem of the movement to normalize mental illness for years, are stars of reality TV shows on TLC.

It is worthy of note that TLC once stood for “The Learning Channel” but now it seems less about learning about more about pushing leftist propaganda and the exploitation of mental illness for the sake of ratings.

After comments that Dillard made on Twitter regarding Jazz, however, the station has disavowed his perspective and publicly disassociated themselves from him.

So what were these heretical statements that Dillard made on his personal Twitter account that resulted in this shaming from the network that has been making money following him and his family around?

This honest compassion towards a child who genuinely is being exploited by a network and led down a very dangerous path was deemed “cyberbullying” by Jazz and the press.

Dillard did not bash Jazz, criticize him, say hateful things about him, or express anything other than pity and sadness for him. He has good reason to say these things as well because research has shown that children who have transgender urges when they are young often grow out of it.

It is a completely valid concern that Jazz, who is being pumped full of hormones and pursuing plastic surgery to permanently change his growing body, might be getting dangerous direction from the adults in his life.

But this is simply the reality of the world we live in. Political correctness has created a frightening degree of “thought crime” that anyone who speaks the truth is accused of.

The only way to fight back is to continue to speak the truth. Jazz Jennings is a boy who needs help. He might not get it, but maybe we can prevent this from happening to other children before it is too late.