“Top Chef” Host Declares Those Who Reject Trans Ideology “Have No Business” Parenting Children


Host of the competitive culinary program “Top Chef,” Padma Lakshmi, a well-established social media progressive, sent out a series of tweets this week in which she declared those parents who do not agree with her far-from-objective perspective on gender identity have “no business” raising children.

“If you can’t accept your child for who they’re telling you they are, then you have no business being a parent,” the television hostess wrote to kick off a series of tweets laying out the contemporary popular gender theory employed by many to defend modern approaches to addressing gender confusion in children.

She then laid out her “PSA,” adapting common gender theory talking points. Lakshmi explained that “gender” is “used to describe characteristics that are socially constructed” and “encompasses a range of identities,” while “sex” is “a label initially assigned by a doctor at birth” and “sexual orientation” one’s “emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to other people.”

The tread went on to define “gender expression” as “the way you choose to express yourself on the gender spectrum” through appearance and mannerisms, something which she stated “can vary day to day or over time” and is “unique to each individual.”

Trans people have existed “since the dawn of humanity,” she declared in a follow-up tweet, pointing to hyperbolic suggestions that children be allowed to identify as anything they want. This was accompanied with an image of Sponge Bob Square Pants to underscore her mockery of those who would employ such a suggestion to undermine trans ideology.

It might be noted that pointing to the existence of transgender people since the dawn of humanity—a rather wild claim no matter what one’s origins theory may be considering it would be very difficult to know this to be true no matter what the case—itself is an example of chronological snobbery.

Meanwhile, her declaration that to engage in “false equivalency ‘what about-isms’ or the litany of reasons why you feel people who are different from you don’t deserve basic human rights are not only deeply stupid, but painfully corny,” is an easy example of irrelevant goals or functions by accusing those who oppose gender identity-affirming parenting of simply not desiring basic human rights for trans people.

However, among the television host’s ideological opponents, you’d likely be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t believe that every single human being on earth regardless of their gender identity deserves basic human rights.

Forcing others to accept your viewpoint on gender identity is simply not a basic human right, nor is standing between parents and the children they are trying to raise according to their own moral convictions.

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